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34 thoughts on “Hollywood Pedocrats Tweet Black Boxes To Fight Racism & Hitler Trump

  1. Cities can rebuild? Who's money are they going to use to rebuild them?

  2. Maybe Debra Messing should focus more attention on getting a boob job

  3. Months ago I put my phone on dark mode to lower my exposure to that "Blue Light", I mean, I put my phone on dark mode in solidarity for this poor, not at all criminal piece of shit, stunning and brave black man that those systemically rassit ahwahite cops, unjustly killed while he was jogging with super uncounterfeited money that he made from doing really hard work, and definitely not robbing and pistol whipping pregnant women a gunpoint. Fight the ahwahite mans of powers!!! ✊
    Also, he definitely did not just test positive at all with the super reals covids 19s, that killed thousands of people…EXCEPT HIM!!
    Sorry, it's late.

  4. I love this channel so much!!! We need you more than anything, right now!! Your real, American patriot commentary, is spot on and funny, with the just the right amount of salt! 🇺🇸❤️😂😎💪🏻😎🙏🏼

  5. the only black box is the TV WHEN ITS TURNED "OFF" THAT I LIKE 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. The word Hollywood tells you everything you need to know . Talk about rubbish in a dump !

  7. Salty Panther must be over the moon finding out his Black Lives Matter – all fucking nine of them.

  8. Your daily reminder –
    It's okay to be white &
    Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.

  9. 0:501:15, that's right on point, I unfortunately work for a company which amended it's logo into a rainbow last week and I was thinking, I bet they'll start putting up black boxes on their website, lo and behold within the hour the main article on the home page was exactly that. People commenting "how stunning and brave the company is". Ironically the company is literally starting going woke and broke now.

  10. Messing's tweet shows how intellectually bankrupt and ignorant of history the entire Trump=Hitler belief claim is. These people don't know who or what the Nazis were and don't have the faintest clue about their politics, motives, or operational techniques. The closest thing we have to genuine Nazis today is Antifa, the paramilitary wing of the Democrat Party, being a nearly perfect analog of Hitler's Brownshirts (the SA) in both their tactics and their goals. Ignorance is the only thing that explains how an outfit that calls itself "anti-fascist" can actually think and behave like Nazis and still claim to be something they're not.

  11. Honestly id rather see black logos than those annoying LGBTQ25ghsmGHJSMEojhjgsw3jhe Logos, Both are pandering yes, but damn that rainbow shit is annoying.

  12. At least they are trying to right racism and bring the country together unlike salty and Trump.

  13. It all proves that you don`t need a brain to be an actor or actress. Man they`re really stupid in Hollywood.

  14. Apparently, there is only ONE correct way to end racial inequality, namely yelling incessantly about it and forcing socialism. If those don't work, never, under any circumstances, try anything else.

  15. Dear Salty,
    How have you not been snatched up by a casting director, manager and agent?!!

  16. FACTS MATTER 10 black people were killed by cops in 2019. 48 cops were killed on duty in same year.WHO REALLY NEEDS ARE HELP??? FACTS MATTER!

  17. I hate most Hollywood celebs nuff of them are pedos and creey af bun dem🔥
    Trump 2020 baby

  18. I don't understand how I see old white men living outside and sleeping on sidewalks and we've had a black president and multiple black billionaires and yet, I keep hearing all about systemic racism. It's like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.

  19. Hanoi hooywooders are paid liars, live in a universe of lies and think their bad breaths and BO don't stink…… Hanoi hooywooders are same people which helped the VC and NVA kill our servicemen during VEETnam war……..

  20. It was supposed to be a black fist against a black background: I guess they didn't think that one through. Into the void we go!

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