Famous boxer David Rodriguez drops some info
Excuse the language


42 thoughts on “Hollywood Pedophile Ring Is Going Down

  1. I didn't hear David mention Yahshua/Jesus Christ once. He sounds like a new ager with his shift in consciousness and "great awakening" spiel. That deception's all over the new age right now. I've noticed some "new earth" folks coming to this video because of the provocative click-bait title. We gotta watch out for that shit and stand against it with the Word of God. The roots of the modern new age is luciferianism. A new age style "paradigm shift" is a shift into luciferic light/consciousness. The Holy Spirit is the true paradigm shifter all other purely conceptual shifts are out to detract from or bastardise. Regardless of the heinous crimes of the elites we're all sinners and we shouldn't wanna gloat over stonings. Work on your salvation. This virus is the catalyst to help bring on the long planned for new world order and that's not a positive thing. The beast system's forming all around us. Yahshua/Jesus Christ is the Way, the truth and the Life – that will be the "great awakening" both awesome and terrifying. We gotta keep our eyes (hearts) on Yahshua/Jesus Christ, folks, He walks above the winds and the waves spiritbomb777.blogspot.com

  2. No excuse for this bad language on a Christian link. I'll be unsubscribed the next time it happens. Don't be recommending junk

  3. I do know how prevalent they are.I've known for years.Bless Trump and the pedophile task force.

  4. Out of Shadows. YouTube is burying it bug time. I saw a video by Mouthy Buddha I think is the channel about something similar to what you are saying. I hope you are right and I hope that they do go down in an orange CRUSH. It could explain why they hate him soooo much.

  5. I sooo hope so. Since i ve found out about what they had been doing to those poor children i felt like dying. I couldnt be happy anymore, didnt know what to do with life. I just hope this is truth what youre saying bro cuz i cant stand children suffering anymore….

  6. You make a post not to say anything… Lol!! Why make a post when you can't say anything. That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know something is coming don't know what… But it is. Thanks, captain obvious that's life…

  7. Thank you for speaking out. The world is waking up and we are in an Ascension timeline. We need more celebrities who are of the light to start telling the truth.

  8. People try not to look at the dark side. Denial. But it does exist. I am among folks who have been praying for the plans & schemes of darkness to be revealed so the world has to deal decisively with the criminals.

  9. Children are supposed to trust adults..yes it a global warning..I'm already discussed..just take good care of your self,and be safe..thank you for sharing this with us..GOD BLESS YOU GOD IS BIGGER THAN THIS GLOBLE SHUT DOWN..

  10. Epstein isn’t dead. He had to have had/still has a backup plan to release footage of high profile people in case he’s murdered. He’s too rich and smart not to.

  11. Anyone messing with CHILDREN NEED to PAY the ULTIMATE PRICE…EXTERMINATION… Club Gitmo for Televised TRIALS, then SWIFT PUNISHMENT… No matter WHO they ARE… how RICH they are… should NOT MATTER… If PROVEN GUILTY… these MAGGOTS NEED to send a MESSAGE INTO the FUTURE… IF you MESS WITH CHILDREN…you are DEAD-MEAT… RID the EARTH of this EVIL… Semper Fi

  12. 2020 really is the year of clarity.. Everything hidden is being revealed.woow..

  13. I won't fully believe it til I see it. I pray it's true. It is way past due these demons go down.

  14. I think the movie is called INTO THE LIGHT,,,?, but maybe there are more than one

  15. Can't drop names but has friends who have friends who have friends who are A list celebrities who told him things , but he can't confirm this any of it. Bahahahhahahahhahhahahahahahh
    If you believe any of this shit, you should speak to a mental health professional.

  16. Anyone of Moral Character and a Smart Brain knows President Trump is the Greatest President in our Lifetimes and I am 63…… People doing these evil things to little babies deserve horrific death themselves!!!!! BRING THEM DOWN!!!!

  17. AMEN! Thankyou so much for coming forward with what you know. You've go alotta guts man!. Many of us have waited SOOOOOOO LONG for these sick bastards to be taken down! PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND STAY SAFE!

  18. Hallelujah hallelujah ‼️ Thank you Jesus for answered prayers ‼️ our Children are worth protecting ‼️

  19. Maybe that why the rich want to get richer, because adrenochrome is expensive and they need their fix

  20. I hope this is thoroughly understood by people like my now ex wife who thinks I've lost my mind. I will never ever tell her or anyone I told them so. It will be happy when that day comes. I pray that day comes.

  21. Not saying you are telling the truth or not – but if you know so much – why aren't you publishing names. You say you are trying to not give up too much information – but why not? Post names/details if you have any knowledge or you are complicit.

  22. Heavenly Father. I pray for this young man. He is beginning to see the truth, but still through the eyes of New Thought/ New Age. Father I pray that the conspiracies and corruption of the world would reveal hypocrisy in his current world view so that he would be prompted to ask the question, 'What is the truth'? I bind every familiar spirit, seducing spirit, spirit of lust, of greed and I declare the blood of Yeshua (Jesus) sprinkled upon his mind and heart so that Holy Spirit would take the yoke and lead this man to glorious salvation. I pray for him and his entire family to recieve salvation and to be birthed in the spirit, called by name to be consecrated from the world and to become as little children in the Kingdom of God.

    In Jesus name

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