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33 thoughts on “Hollywood Prick Tries to Mock Trump Supporters and it Backfires Bigly

  1. This is all so accurate. When/how did this being a little pussy become so popular? This has got to be a temporary thing or I just wasted $1000 on steroids.

  2. The left is a bunch of beta terrorists (surprisingly more violent than they pretend to be).

  3. To stupid to realize how stupid they look I have never seen anything so pathetic as the democrats really are I bet their mothers are proud of them

  4. We don’t get offended because, unlike them, we have jobs & family stuff to do.

  5. Can anyone name any past or present advanced civilization that was run by women or a society w/ feminine ideals? No, you can't, any civilization that embraces such garbage would have quickly been conquered, decimated, and sold into slavery.

  6. Wow, you are a slow one, this so 4 months ago…now stop living with your parents and get a life, loser!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Both the left and the right have things they are good at. The right can do funny and win the meme wars. The left can virtue signal and go from zero to outrage in 1.3 seconds.

  8. Hey, just don't bash the Tesla, it will whoop anything you throw at it. I do hate the Prius tho.

  9. i saw that episode and thought the idea could go the other way and expose what a triggered bunch of pantie waste the left is.

  10. It's mind boggling. This is the real life equivalent of seeing Elmer Fudd shoot himself in the foot… I mean zhe/zim/zher self shot zimzelf.

  11. Well for Larry David, that's a change from pissing in childrens cereal':

  12. Soy latte in one hand and smart car in the other!!! That's comedy gold right there!!!! LMAO

  13. I think calling them a pussy is too nice. Pussy is a powerful thing, wars have been fought over it.

  14. All this tough talk coming from a guy who has every piece of " Star Wars" ," Batman", "Iron Man" memorabilia known to man. Wonder which one he dresses up as at comicon.

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