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Pre Workout Vol 1 – Speed Bump (Album by Psycho Dru)

CT Fletcher Album Produced by (Psycho Dru)
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God Bless you all.

About Me: The Pre Workout is strong in that one! Crazy Ass Dru real name Dru Peebles Born in Huntington Beach, Raised in Huntington Beach and Lives in Huntington Beach! What I’m about! Name is Dru Peebles, I go by Psycho Dru. I am the Creator and Producer of Iron Revolution Sounds. I Created Speed Bump Energy Pre Workout. Took over a year in a half, I am proud to stand by it and say there’s no other pre workout that comes close to touching the Focus and Dexterity Speed Bumps give you before a Workout or Work session.

Speed Bump Energy Pre Workout.
Made with 7 Ingredients
350 mg Caffeine Anhydrous
350mg Glucuronolactone
350mg Choline Bitartrate
55mg Di-caffeine Malate
55mg Hordenine HCI
2G Beta Alanine

So 1 Full Scooper = only 5.6Grams with 30 Serving per Container. Best Bang for the Punch! No Fillers, has never been Stepped on. You know the Scooper is Pure if it only has 5.6 Grams and no Ingredients that are 2 grams of nothing or on the onsite side under 5mgs each, because you can’t really measure those types of ingredients.

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