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‘Hollywood Ripper’ sentenced to death for murdering two women, one who was Ashton Kutcher’s date

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26 thoughts on “‘Hollywood Ripper’ sentenced to death for murdering two women, one who was Ashton Kutcher’s date

  1. I wonder if this is what spurred Mr. Kutcher to work so hard saving women from being trafficked. I hear he’s doing great work.

  2. Two years ago I got entered into the jury pool for this case. My job would have paid my full salary for all my time spent on this case if selected. That’s why I think I went to the initial jury pool. Since this case was expected to last a long time. Around 8 months was expected.

    It was on the 7th floor of the court house which is considered a special cases floor so it was an additional level of security.

    They were gunning for the death penalty from the begging. This was just as the new stay of all executions was announced.

    The judge looked to the entire pool and said “I don’t care what the governor said or declared. If the man on trial is deem guilty and sentenced to execution. Then in your mind you should know that he will be executed. And nothing else should make you think other wise”. It was a little wild.

    I let it known on a pre questionnaire paper that I was against the death penalty and was told my services weren’t needed. And that was that.

  3. I imagine Newsome’s stay of executions is more torturous to those on death row. The not knowing and the indefinite stays have to take a major toll on the psyche. Imagine someone with a gun keeping you in a cell and telling you “I’m going to murder you in two years.” Then two years pass and they say “I’m not gonna murder you right now but you’re not out of the woods just yet. Let’s see how things play out.”

  4. Stop giving murders cool names. Call him the Hollywood DumDum and maybe people won’t make a podcast out of this

  5. What’s in the mind of a person that has been sentenced to death, I mean he doesn’t look emotional at all

  6. The guy probably won’t have his sentence carried out in California. Executions have been halted there and none have been carried out since 06. If found guilty in his Illinois trial however…

  7. “Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. “

  8. About the death penalty. I’m for it if the case has been proven, I would nuke them all! Clear our prisons out of the murderers and rapists, etc. Release all the people in there for minor drug charges. Just my opinion😊

  9. Maybe an odd take here, but I feel like “Ripper” is too big of a name for someone who only killed two people.

  10. They shouldnt get cool names in general but can we at least make the bar for entry like 6+ kills? 2 and he gets a title?

  11. I support the death penalty. If someone takes two lives intentionally they deserve to have theirs revoked.

  12. Not trying to downplay it because it’s clearly horrific. But can we refer to someone who killed only two people as a “ripper”? Seems like kind of a waste of an adjective.

  13. They should just gen pop assholes like this… he will not have an easy time in gen pop at all.

  14. I thought California was against the death penalty? Is this guy recieving the death penalty because he killed Ashton Kutchers date? Or because he killed two women?

  15. *”Prosecutors said Gargiulo would gain access to women’s homes by posing as a friendly neighbor or handyman, according to CNN.”*
    Absolutely fucking horrible.

  16. This girl he murdered wasn’t just Ashton Kutchers “date”. He didn’t even know her. She was more than a date of an up and coming actor 🙄

  17. Imagine being brutally murdered and then forever being known as “Ashton Kutcher’s date.” Now further imagine being brutally murdered and being known as “ The one that wasn’t Ashton Kutcher’s date.”

    Stupid headline

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