We challenged screenwriter Emily Carmichael to write a scene on camera–in seven minutes. Emily talks through her process and takes us into the mind of a screenwriter. She had only seven minutes to write the first draft, five minutes to write the second draft, and three minutes to write the third draft–see what she ended up with.

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Hollywood Screenwriter Attempts To Write A Scene in 7 Minutes | Vanity Fair


45 thoughts on “Hollywood Screenwriter Attempts To Write A Scene in 7 Minutes | Vanity Fair

  1. Thanks for the love for this video! A few things:
    1) Emily used Final Draft 11.
    2) Many people have asked us about the length of the video — the clock was paused every time we asked Emily to explain what she was doing.
    3) What movie genre should we do next?

  2. Okay, first of all, Emily is a CREATIVE. I LOVE that. Her mind is always working, and she takes a note and vastly improves upon her original concept. I love the way that her mind works. Bravo, Emily. Bravo.

  3. Plsss i need more of these. Breaking down the practical part of writing

  4. I started of looking for help with descriptive writing.
    End up spending almost half and hour watching this.
    now has an amazing idea.

  5. Great. Well now we know who to blame for jurassic world 3 and pacific rim.

  6. Honestly suuuuuuuper interesting to watch PLEEEASE give us more of these with different writers. So fun! This made me subscribe

  7. What would be sick is if, at the end, they shot the scene…I'd love that

  8. Thank you for this. I'vee been trying to turn my book into a film script for a while now.

  9. Coming back a year later. During this social distancing, would there be zoom session specials with her working on the script ?

  10. Invite the Fifty shades of grey writer in here and you'll have a whole movie in 30 minutes

  11. as a young writer myself, i enjoyed this video so much. thank you 🥺

  12. Why does the description for the scene sound so much like the on with Gosling-Batista in Blade Runner 2049?

  13. I do not want to be a screenwriter, yet I watched all 26 minutes anyway.

  14. Honestly writers don’t get enough credit like how amazing must it be to see your ideas come to light on a tv screen wow

  15. You guys saying that it’d be cool to see this come to life but the funding it would cost wouldn’t be worth is since they wouldn’t make any profit back.

  16. This is actual really useful for anyone struggling with writing a screenplay. It's not often people get a chance to see a professional actually performing under pressure and explaining what's going on. I feel like this will help a lot of people, especially those visual learners.

  17. wait i am confusion why is she trying to write the least amount of lines?

  18. They should've got actors and put it all together so we could see what the MOVIE would look like!

  19. Never thought I'd get a crush on a screenwriter… sorry Paddy Chayefsky, but Emily is lovely.

  20. This is a practice every aspiring screenwriters should have, have these challenges with goals that ought to be achieved under 10 minutes!

  21. I would personally prefer to make this as a heartbreak scene. They know each other for so long but they went through different paths and that's the reason why we have a chase sequence.

  22. this is actually one of the coolest things on vanity fair if im being honest. I think the timer is stressing me out more than it is stressing her out hahah

  23. this whole time.. Why have I been picturing it in a coffee shop? lol

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