Hollywood is a new Netflix series that tells a story that could be a reality but didn’t happen. In the Hollywood series, Jake Picking plays Rock Hudson, Jim Parsons portrays Henry Willson, Michelle Krusiec is Anna May Wong, Queen Latifah gives new life to Hattie McDaniel, and Dylan McDermott portrays a character loosely based on Scotty Bowers.

Most other characters in Hollywood Netflix series are fictional. Hollywood TV series tells us how the Golden Age filmmakers could make a difference by allowing everyone to participate in movie making, despite their race, gender, or sexuality.

Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of the new Netflix series, says that he wanted to create a world where “everybody who didn’t get a chance at their dream” finally can realize everything they wanted.

He wanted to give life to another version of Hollywood and he even reimagined the 20th Academy Awards. In Hollywood Ryan Murphey’s version of the ceremony, the winners include multiple actors who become first-evers.

Why did Hollywood Netflix Ryan Murphy decide to create an alternative history? Why did he make this Netflix 2020 show? In this video, you’ll learn the answers and see how Hollywood Netflix is different from reality.
Hollywood series facts vs fiction: are you ready to learn everything??

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16 thoughts on “Hollywood Series What’s Real and What’s Not | ⭐OSSA

  1. brilliant changes.Also it creates a bridge between the past and the present world.Changes did happen,and it was anything but easy.We should always gives our grattitudes towards those who fought in the first place.

  2. Love love love everything about the show! Spot on casting. What great writing! Thank you Ryan xoxo Only you can do this!

  3. I was shocked to lern that Halle Berry was the first black woman to win an Oscar for best female but I‘m happy the world finally changed

  4. I like the changes because movies made back them were supposed to always have a happy ending because of the hard times. So I thought it went with the tone of the era. But I was sad that this continued for such a long time in American history and arguably still does. Don’t get me wrong. Things are getting better. Just wish it was sooner.

  5. I Can't believe Halle Berry is the only actress of color to win best lead, and that it was until 2001.. like 50 years after the show 😥😥

  6. Great series, if only it would have been true, but it’s Hollywood, you know, the land of make believe? They’ve been lying to us for years and we LOVE ❤️ it.

  7. Jordan Peele was not the first African American to win Best Screenplay at the Oscars. That would be Geoffrey Fletcher in 2010 for Precious.

  8. Great to know, thank you. I love the series

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