Tuesday 27 September (7.30pm)
Duration: Part I: 50 mins, Part II: 55 mins

Intermission: 20 mins

Eight international singers take you on a magnificent journey through the Hollywood’s famous film music in “Hollywood’s Sound of Cinema.” The show has successfully toured throughout China and in major cities of Europe. The performance has won several awards such as the “Beste Deutsche Showproduktion” as well as performed on various famous television shows in Europe such as “Das Fest der Volksmusik”.

The company, Scalatheater, was founded in Switzerland 1959 by the Grabowsky brothers and has become one of the most successful companies in Europe. Many famous actors, singers and directors have worked for it such as Curd Jürgens, Giuseppe di Stefano and Maximillian Shell. In the seventies, the company also took over the direction of various theatres: Operettenhaus Hamburg, Bernhard Theater Zürich, Musical Theater Zürich, Theater des Westens Berlin and Deutsches Theater München.