The final part. Who will win this match? Will Ava finally lose to challenger Bob? Will the original commercials be worth watching? Ok, that last question’s answer is obvious, but just watch!

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11 thoughts on “Hollywood Squares 1/23/76 – Part 3

  1. In A Moment, The Master will chat with the stars and join us Monday to Friday to have VINCENT PRICE, LESLIE UGGAMS, GEORGE GOBEL, JAMES COCO, ROBERT FULLER, ROSE MARIE, PAT HENRY, KAREN VALENTINE & PAUL LYNDE, All Monday-Friday on "THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES" and will be back after these words of interest.

    -Kenny Williams tells all of us for what's next weekday stars between after the debut and before the cancellation weekday broadcasts from 1966 to 1980 on NBC-TV.

  2. It's pretty funny how some of these celebrities don't seem to care that they are on Hollywood Squares

  3. Love the old shows makes them even better with the commercials can't believe how many I can remember

  4. I noticed a plug at the end for "NBCs Saturday Night". Also, it may be true that Marcia Wallace opened her big mouth on Sandy Duncan's question, but even more annoying to Peter was Tony Randall. Supposedly, if he didn't know the answer to a question, he would just flat out say that he had no idea. He didn't even try to bluff.

  5. In my opinion, Big Bird stole the show.

    And as for Demond (Lamont) Wilson: he either got a perm or a process for his hair.

    I still believe there is something missing from this clip……

  6. That Question has been DISQUALIFIED because a Celebrity gave away the Answer for another Celebrity on The Hollywood Squares.

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