Here’s Peter Marshall’s final episode of the NBC version of the 9-celebrity tic-tac-toe game, the Hollywood Squares. The show would wound up in five-day syndication shortly after, but would only last one season.

The commercials are left in, too!

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12 thoughts on “Hollywood Squares 6/20/80 finale – Part 1

  1. @spbosch2 I think near the end of the run. I have some episodes at the end of 1979 and shortly before this one where Peter doesn't bother with "Object of out players, etc". But I also think that he dispensed with it particularly on this episode to give more time to the game.

  2. When was the long-time "Object of the players is to get three stars in a row…" reading of the rules replaced with "Our players know the rules?"

  3. I would like to some hollywood squares episodes when it was at the riviera
    in las vegas

  4. I said the final network (NBC) Squares. I know they did one more season in syndication. And other than when it was teamed with Match Game in 1983-84, it's been syndicated ever since.

  5. @DownsA530 The show continued in night-time syndication until 1981. The final season was moved to the Riviera in Las Vegas.

  6. With the exception of the podium area being retouched and a thrid theme music, the show hasn't been changed much for a whole 15 years. Seems really difficult in TV land to keep things the same way as they are. Kudos Hollywood Squares.

  7. How fitting that the first star introduced is Rose Marie, the only square to be in the first and last episode of the NBC Daytime version of Hollywood Squares.

  8. I've read many a criticism that Wayland & Madame constantly ground the game to a halt, compared to the other stars, let alone Paul Lynde, and this episode is a good example of it.

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