ALL NEW! Here is the close to Hollywood Squares from December 1979 (Hard to believe that baby Peter Marshall is holding is now 30 years old!)… this episode aired after their theme’s change, but before they changed the set! Also included is an NBC News Update (Gold was mentioned here and it was one of the top stories on WCKT’s news 2 nights later, seen in another clip here)!


10 thoughts on “Hollywood Squares Close – December 1979

  1. sorry but i hated that disco theme oh one more thing are you sure this was an nbc station the logo looks like it was from abc

  2. Hard to believe that baby is almost 35 now.
    And that was quite a haul for the losing contestant!(If you won a game on Match Game but struck out on the Super Match, you only got 100 bucks!)

  3. @allnewtpir Not sure about 1., but 2. is yes, WCKT became WSVN in 1983 and switch from NBC to FOX in 1989… 🙂

  4. Two questions come to mind:

    1. What station did the syndicated version air on?

    2. Is this the same WCKT that's now WSVN FOX 7?

  5. when classic hollywood squares was on GSN they edited the fee plugs if I recall

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