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Hollywood stars back Emma Watson after Palestinian solidarity post Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo among signatories to letter supporting Harry Potter actor accused of antisemitism

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48 thoughts on “Hollywood stars back Emma Watson after Palestinian solidarity post Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo among signatories to letter supporting Harry Potter actor accused of antisemitism

  1. Wow that is the most hypocritical blue lives matterest shit ever. Showing support for a race/country that is beyond being oppressed is antisemitic? I think we need to re-evaluate what antisemitism is.

    Free Palestine (not antisemitic, show support of a country/people who are being starved and slowly erased from an area)

    hail hitler (antisemitic, shows hate towards jews by praising the man who killed at least 6 million in concentration camps).

  2. Same shit is packaged differently in my Country also (India).

    Showing any support to the Kashmiri people is taken as Hindu phobia and Anti-national.

  3. They just had to get the word antisemitism into the headline by all means… Ain’t read the article and don’t plan on it…but damn journalism is in the bin.

  4. As a Jewish person who supports Palestinian human rights and is very much for a 2 state solution, I hate stories like this. Just another excuse for people to get antisemetic and for the discourse to get nasty.

    Can’t we all just have empathy? I do

  5. That’s what you get if you publicly speak out about something. People don’t understand anything nuanced. They always think in extremes.

  6. Didn’t Ruffalo basically take back all of his support after being accused of being antisemitic? I’m glad Emma didn’t chicken out and delete the post

  7. As a jew, I am personally outraged that voicing support of Palestinians is labeled as anti-semitism. Its a scare tactic and its outrageous. I love dogs, this doesnt make me a cat hater.

  8. >Israel’s current ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said: “Fiction may work in Harry Potter but it does not work in reality. If it did, the magic used in the wizarding world could eliminate the evils of Hamas (which oppresses women and seeks the annihilation of Israel) and the PA (which supports terror).”

    It’s incredible the number of atrocities and inhumane acts that Israel has committed against Palestinians and when someone suggests “hey, maybe we should just treat each other with kindness and human decency” it’s seen as being “anti-semetic”.

    Perhaps if Israel wasn’t committing acts of terrorism against Palestinians then they wouldn’t be returning the favor?

  9. Hard to support Israel when they become so angry and decisive over everything.

    This whole either you blindly support Israel or your anti Semitic crap is pathetic and hurts all Jews.

  10. So having compassion for Palestinians is now considered antisemitism. That’s handy if you are Jewish.

  11. We have to separate the Jewish people as a religion and Isreal as a State. Not supporting Isreal as a State and some of thier decisions is not Antisemitism.

  12. Do not ever let Zionists convince you that support for Palestinians against the IDF’s terrorism, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing is a form of antisemitism. There is nothing wrong with standing in opposition to Zionism’s neocolonial actions against Palestinians. Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism, and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Jews aren’t a monolith and not all Jews are Zionists, nor do all Jews support the state of Israel.

  13. Yeah disclaimer I’m an Israeli Jew. What Emma Watson posted, regarding “solidarity w/ Palestine” isn’t antisemitic. However, holy shit, this comment is a cesspool of antisemitism and makes me so nervous

  14. Israel is overplaying their hand here. If they keep it up, nobody will take their accusations of racism seriously.

  15. If I was Jewish, I would be absolutely infuriated with Israeli attempts to tie anything that questions the government to the race. Attacking people who support or defend Palestine as antisemitic is a complete discredit to real antisemitism. There is real antisemitism out there, this isn’t it.

  16. Enough is enough , Israel needs to stop playing the anti-semitism card for each and every criticism they get. “Huur duur mah Torah you said something against Israel you are hateful and this is anti-semitism”. Please.

  17. Better question….Why is bringing attention to Palestinian suffering, automatically considered a form of anti-semitism? It’s about the inhumane treatment of people…not religion.

  18. I love how standing with Palestine somehow makes you antisemitic, but if you stand with Israel’s brutal and horrific actions everything is a-ok.

  19. It is possible to be a friend to the Jewish people while simultaneously condemning the Palestinian genocide. It’s time for Israel to be recognized for the colonial relic that it is and for Jerusalem to be shared with Palestine.

  20. Dude the fact that Israel’s best defense is “well we’re Jewish so you can’t hate us”


    The fact that a huge part of their national identity is being anti-Palestine and usually also anti-Islam makes them antisemitic, because Islam is a semitic religion, just like Judaism.

    (So is christianity)

  21. You can criticize Saudi or Iran and not be called islamaphobic or when you criticize any african nation you are not called racist but the moment you criticize Israel you are called anti-semetic.

    Saying Israel is an apartheid is not anti-semetic, saying Israel exists because of Jews controlling the world is anti-semetic

    Learn the difference its really simple smh.

  22. A majority of Zionists arguments go out the window when you realize Israel is an ethnostate that relies on mandatory military service, extreme nationalism, and propaganda to uphold it all

  23. And thus the term “antisemitism” loses value once again.

    It has nothing to do with Hamas or Jewish people. It has everything to do with forcing people out of their homes where they have lived for many generations.

    And if someone did that to me, I’d become hostile, too.

    I’m anti-Israel, *not* anti-Semitic.

  24. It’s beyond all rational thought that politicians GAVE an already occupied country (Palestine) to start a “Jewish” state. What?!?!? Did they actually think the Palestinians would just say, “okay! Here you go! We’ll move somewhere else!” So they fought, to save THEIR country!!! Since when is a religion “owed” their own country???? It’s senseless. Now Israel is emulating the Nazis by persecuting the Palestinians. Israel could have lived peacefully w their new neighbors, incorporating them into their new government, but no, they were greedy. Shame on them.

  25. If you dont appreciate Israeli soldiers flash bombing children in malls melting their eyes on camera you are definitely a antisemit. In fact if you deem there to be something called Palestine you are a antisemit. Only new Isreal and Isreal west bank.

  26. I’m so tired of the anti Semitic line if you’re against genocide and colonization.
    Makes Israel think they commit human rights violations freely since criticizing their govt is apparently bigoted. Get fucked Israel

  27. Good for them. This has been ongoing for far too long. Palestine needs the world’s help

  28. Go Emma! Use your power for good.
    Nice to see all the genuine comments here being pro Palestinian.

    Just wait a few hours this post gets detected by pro israel propaganda brigade and all the ‘….. but Hamas….. but rocket fire ….. but anti semitism’ comments flood in.

    Here’s one of many ‘day in the life’ examples of why speaking out against israel is necessary.

    This week it was an American that israel killed.


  29. How is supporting human rights antisemitism? Like is what semitism stands for? Blindly following Israel?

  30. Israeli gov has long been good/effective at authoritarian propaganda. They are not going to pullback when such fascist manipulation is becoming more globally popular.

  31. Headlines: the more unintelligible it is the more likely people will read it

    hm what does that say about us?

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