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44 thoughts on “Hollywood Stars Call The Racist Police as BLM Invades Their Beverly Hills

  1. Funny how black lives matter until protesters show up in a rich neighborhood.

  2. As a convicted murderer, bank robber and rapist, I agree with defunding and abolishing the police.
    The police and law enforcement discriminates against people who commit crime and has not place in an inclusive society.

  3. These stars do not realize there are no stars under Marxism they would be called comrade.

  4. You make some great points. You'd be even more persuasive without all the swearing.

  5. The cops should have joined the protest lol. That would have scared the sh*t out of them!

  6. Reminds me of Rorscach as he sits perched atop a building looking down at the psychocotic mob who wished ill upon him and all of the other heroes..

    "They will look up and scream 'help us! I will look down and whisper, no.."

    Something like that.

  7. There were several times in the Old Testament that God would fight for Israel simply by pitting their enemies against each other. Literally. Israel did nothing but watch them destroy themselves. Makes me wonder…..?

  8. You got my sub! Keep speaking the truth about these fake ass people who forget to not go full retard.

  9. Hahaha "We demand you defund police," HollyCrapWood celeb pussies call 911 only counts when it hits home
    Put them on a do not respond list build a wall make Hollyweird a no go zone no police ambulance fire dept etc
    You made my day with this man thanks

  10. Salty Cracker, when did you steal my brain. I have nothing to say because you said it all already. Spot on, the stars are F**** hypocrites.
    What about that dumb bastard mayor of Chicago, the one that looks like Beetle Juice. She let the BLM rioters smash up small businesses.
    But sent in the police when the rioters started to move on the rich and big businesses.

  11. Time to exterminate the rabid dogs whenever they present themselves . And?

  12. Fun time. When the Joker turns up at your birthday party peacefully withouth a invite

  13. I hope to god Hollywood gets red pilled after this. This is their one chance to pretty much redeem themselves and back out of the progressive movement.

    I know its not going to happen, but a man can dream. They'd give these fringe lunatics and their ideology a lot less credibility if they dipped.

  14. Marxists never actually attack the rich….you notice that?
    Always poor black inner city areas.
    Why aren't they taking their complaints directly to the wealthy who are oppressing them? 🤔

  15. Seriously why wouldn't BLM invade the super rich areas….? At least they could check for all the designer items they threw out on the curbs….lol

  16. I would love to see these idiots start destroying their gates and homes like they did to us poverty forgotten!

    Take them down…
    If it's good for us.. it's good for them !

  17. This BLM terrorist group will attack and destroy anything . The BLM is a sick virus

  18. Of course they're scared. That's what happens when you willingly give up your 2nd amendment right in today's day and age

  19. "Not in my backyard! You people can loot and destroy all else. Just leave us alone"!
    Didnt we see this with some a-hole LA reporter too?

  20. Burn down Hollywood Beverly Hills. . Malibu.. santa Monica. . Calabasa….. Please.

  21. Social justice warrior virtue signaling commies: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

  22. Us little people should bail all those peaceful protesters in Hollywood! We know they're only peacefully protesting!

  23. Hollywood: DEFUND THE COPS, so no one will arrest us for our happy, fun, chomo-time! Now someone pass me a scared baby!

  24. Susan Sarandon is not relevant, can someone out in Cali please let her know this…

  25. If the Hollywood Elite don't let them burn down their mansions, they're RACIST!!! WTF don't they all move to communist China?

  26. Princess Harry and his #FakeAfrican wife have joined BLM. I want to see BLM "protest" outside the house the English princess and his spouse are living in. Imagine the English Princess speaking at a BLM protest!

  27. Finally they burning something worth while. Next burn down google and YouTube headquarters

  28. Oh the irony is too good.😂 Spot on my friend. 🇺🇸MAGA 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣🇺🇸

  29. i find it strange that nacy p had armed people show up when came to her house 5 zinfandel lane Napa ca what up with this ?

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