Hollywood: Darren Criss, Samara Weaving and Laura Harrier Talk Netflix Series and Ryan Murphy

What would have happened if inclusion and representation were taken more seriously in the Golden Age of Hollywood? While we will never actually know, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan attempt to answer the question in their Netflix limited series, Hollywood, which is like a What If…? comic book about Hollywood in the 1940s. The series takes real people like Rock Hudson, Anna May Wong, and Vivien Leigh and combines them with fictionalized aspiring actors and filmmakers who are willing to do whatever it takes to make Hollywood look at every person as equal, no matter their race or sexual orientation. Also, unlike some of Murphy’s previous projects like American Horror Story or American Crime Story, Hollywood has an upbeat and optimistic tone which works really well with the time period and material.

With the series now streaming on Netflix, I recently did a Zoom call with Darren Criss, Samara Weaving and Laura Harrier to talk about making the series. During the interview, they talked about Ryan Murphy’s commitment to diversity and inclusion both in front of and behind the camera, how Weaving and Harrier’s characters aren’t competing with each other, why 1940’s Hollywood is such an interesting time period, and more. In addition, Criss talks about voicing a Transformer and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and reveals what it was like making Bill and Ted 3 (Bill & Ted Face the Music) as she played Alex Winter’s daughter in the upcoming sequel.

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2 thoughts on “Hollywood Stars Darren Criss, Samara Weaving & Laura Harrier on Ryan Murphy's Netflix Series

  1. Absolutely loved the show. I don’t understand why there was so many bad critic reviews. I cried at every acceptance speech at the end😂 Ryan Murphy never disappoints!!

  2. A "Searchers" and "Shinning" movie poster….in Japanese?!?!?!???! Samara Weaving wins the best movie poster in the background of a stream contest! Awesome interview

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