Hollywood Stars Then and now, new 2017,
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may b you haven’t seen this before like this. hope you will be amuse by watching this new compilation.
This Videos we just covered this List:
Megan Fox
Ben Affleck
Adam Sandler
Kristen Stewart
Leonardo DiCaprio
Johney Deep
Bradley Cooper
Eva Mendes
Channing Tatum
Scarlett Johansson
Chris Pratt
Hugh Jackman
George Clooney
Robert Downey JR.
Tom Cruise
Liam Neeson
Jennifer Lawrence
Tim Robbins
Jennifer Aniston &
Lan Mckellen.
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Here are just a few Hollywood stars but if you want to see more of them, write a suggestion bellow so I can make another Part of it. 🙂
We r going to cover all Hollywood Celebrities, all Disney Stars, Nekoledian Child stars, all Teen Celebrity when they were young, all 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Movie stars present conditions, and behind the voice of all animation movies, cartoons.
and also our next video is coming about Celebrity Peoples who looks like Animation characters, Celebrity who loses weight, Celebrity who looks like their famous parents, thinks You Didn’t Know About Celebrities.
Successful Story of some celebrates and famous successful person , Interview, Top 10 Hilarious Impressions done by Celebrities, Stars who married their Fans, All Celebrity’s House/Mension, Celebrity Stars Friends from childhood, Child Actors Who Died Young, Actors who killed people in real life, Celebrity Movie face and real Face, Child Stars who are completely Broke, Celebrity whose children committed Suicide, 80’s Stars you won’t recognize today, Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were GAY/LESBIAN
wait and watch our next videos.


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  1. Lan McKellan? Johnny Deep? Are you into publicly embarrassing yourself?

  2. In the U.S. we are not required to adress a Brit. as "Sir" or any other title . When in Britain do what the British do…….

  3. You need to fire your video editor! He misspelled a couple of names. "Johney Deep" is really Johnny Depp, and "Lan Mckellen" is really Sir Ian Mckellen.

  4. yeah Johney Deep….. maybe in my dreams, um well for now we can stick with Johnny Depp instead of his porno dream date name, yeah?

  5. if yore gonna do this would you please make sure and spell these names right !!!

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