Some actors are simply upstaged by the next big thing, but there are also those stars whose careers end because they did something absolutely horrible or experienced bad things or just can’t put butts in cineplex seats anymore. Here are some stars Hollywood seemingly stopped casting in 2018.

Arrested Career Development | 0:18
Don’t sleep and tweet | 1:11
Lea the Diva | 1:54
Biggs mistakes | 2:48
Mulder no more | 3:46
Team Jacob loses | 4:44
American Ugly | 5:35
Not-so-new girl | 6:35
Rocking the boat | 7:14
Spider-Man no more | 8:11
Hoffman is done | 9:16
No hugging it out | 9:58


23 thoughts on “Hollywood Stopped Casting These Actors In 2018 And Here's Why

  1. 1:47 and just like that the Conners died… people only watched that show because of Roseann

  2. The first show roseanne was canceled because of her insane ranting and antics and bareing her ass at the superbowl really! It's no suprise! She's mentally ill a good actor with problems that's why they should not let her talk just be an actor! And taylor laughtner i heard it's because he wants more money?

  3. I only feel bad for Toby McGuire because he is still my favourite actor and no one can ever play spiderman part like he did. Love you Toby and I loved his movie great Gatsby ♥♥♥💕

  4. You keep ok n repeating some stories.which gets old as hell like katherine Heigl you have her in like 7 different videos explaining the same shit find new stories please

  5. With the stories about Taylor swift dating her doesn't sound like a good thing

  6. I feel bad for Taylor L. Hollywood exploited him and used him for a short time. He's still young. He should stay away from girls like Taylor Swift and Hollywood.

  7. Lautner's acting range was very limited. If he wants a bigger career ,he needs to work on it. He's not type cast, he needs to learn how to act.

  8. Stopped casting in 2018….it's 2019…so you made a video making it seem like they haven't been cast in 20 years….SMH.

  9. All should know that if you are not a hateful liberal you are shunned in Hollywood.

  10. lea literally has a movie coming out and she’s performing at the macy’s thanksgiving day parade so idk why you think she isnt really doing anything. and i hate how people only blame lea for her and nayas beef. naya said that it was like they were two sides of the same battery so maybe that means they were both divas and just didn’t like working together?

  11. Wow how things have changed. I’ll then bar get fired for putting up a comment about somebody who work for Barack Obama and she gets tired. But now you can’t turn on the TV without people putting up all kinds of horrible things about people who work for President Trump. Why is it you suppose? Is it not OK to make fun of the African-American president and his staff but it’s OK to make fun of the old white guy with orange hair and his staff? Wow what a double standard because I guarantee you if she did that now to someone in trumps administration no one went bat an eye. In fact she would be considered as part of the resistance LOL

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