BRAND SPANKIN new 2009 TV pilot, it just launched on the web today!

8 stunt dummies re-create their favorite stunt scenes, Hollywood Stunt Dummy style! They dont have millions of dollars to waste on padding or special affects, but they still manage to pull off the stunt, with little or NO BUDGET! Two crazy brothers, a pro BMX rider, pro skateboarder, pro wrestler, gymnast with balls of steel, blonde bombshell model, and a NO-LEGGED amputee recreate their favorite stunt scenes step-by-step. First you watch the stunt scene straight from the film, and then the Hollywood Stunt Dummy re-enactment and see how similar they actually are. Props, wardrobe, camera angles, they even imitate the actingwell, at least try!

NOTE: this is only a demo to the pilot, this is not a show just yet.


22 thoughts on “Hollywood Stunt Dummies

  1. These guys have to be so realistic. Even if it is a matter of life and death

  2. anyone with half a brain knows that most actors dont do their own stunts. but they can act…unlike any of the people portrayed in the video. and theyre appealing, again, unlike anyone in the video. im exhausted of seeing the same "jackass" style stunt videos. Unfortunately, it does get old because of half-wit copycats who make the whole premise less funny. seriously quit.

  3. I found out about this from that episode of "the doctors"
    THAT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!!

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