Ever wanted to look like a cool Hollywood stunt person? Well, so so Dan and Gavin. So they enlisted the help of Actor Dylan Sprouse and stunt coordinator Kyle Weishaar to help them fall from great heights and hopefully live to tell about it. Fall into The Super Slow Show, only on YouTube.


29 thoughts on “Hollywood Stunt Falls in Slow Motion

  1. To avoid any confusion, this isn’t a YouTube Red show. It’s an ad supported show that is free to watch for everyone. It’s also an unscripted show. We have discussions about what we want to say before we roll and then just spout it off in front of camera. It’s pretty loose. Just like all previous videos on the channel. Hope you guys enjoy it! – Gav

  2. I wonder what's the highest that you can fall onto one of those giant airbags and be okay

  3. I looked at so many comments and no one said anything about him playing in riverdale. As jughead.

  4. I actually never tried to watch the super slow show, because it looks paid. Now I got premium and see it was free all that time. xd

  5. this is kind of nostalgic for me because I have done something like this before at a friends birthday party

  6. I can only IMAGINE how annoyed the sprouse brothers are that they're remembered almost SOLELY for the Suite Life series.

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