Hollywood stuntwoman Alyma Dorsey reviews action and comedy stunts from movies including ‘Mission: Impossible,’ ‘Casino Royale,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Death Proof,’ ‘The Legend of Drunken Master,’ ‘Steamboat Bill Jr.’ and ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and analyzes their probability, craft, and execution.g

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Hollywood Stuntwoman Reviews Movie Stunts, from ‘Mission: Impossible’ to ‘Casino Royale’


33 thoughts on “Hollywood Stuntwoman Reviews Movie Stunts, from 'Mission: Impossible' to 'Casino Royale'

  1. As much as I like the Bad Boys stunts, i feel that rolling onto to the truck was cut wrong; 10:05 his feet are closer to us as he's rolling and then when they cut to the close up with Will Smith, his body flip, like they wanted Will head closer to camera; the stuntman finish rolling as far as he could by 10:11

  2. Didn't realise that 3:57 is considered a stunt and that a stuntwoman had to do it 🤔

  3. I could watch her talk about these movies for hours! Bring her back for ten more of these.

  4. Nice to see that they had a big black woman as a stunt double for a big black woman. Not some white dude in a mask.

  5. Actors are good, but still highly overpaid I guess… This woman is amazing! Thanks for the video.

  6. all respect to her, but this video is just really week compared to the corridor crew ones

  7. This stunt woman is a professional and thank you for the work you do so that we can enjoy film!

  8. Does she actually explain any stunts?
    Endless waffle and praise but no content !

  9. Petition to get the Academy to award stuntmen and women for their incredible work!

  10. Just wanted to say that the thumbnail is of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation…. not Fallout. OK. Cool. Thanks. Bye.

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