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Hollywood to Tollywood EP 1 : https://youtu.be/pZsujwqfO4s

Korean Short Film link :

khaleja copied from Sabrina :

Hello all welcome to thyview..

We are back with another episode of HOLLYWOOD to Tollywood..

First episode chudani pls check it guys..link is in the description ..

As said in the first video. Copying is bad practise. Okavela Deni nunchi ayina inspire ayina original maker ki credit ivvali !!

Ala ivvatam valla makers ki emi podhu .

Late cheyakunda let’s begin episode 2 of Hollywood to Tollywood..

Number 1 : ismart Shankar from criminal

Puri sir cinema lu Anni almost oke template lo massy ga untai ga. Mari ela copy avtadi anukuntunnara ?

Puri sir eppudu try cheyalenidi ismart Shankar lo try chesaru..
Yeah yeah.. adhe. Scifi portion eh.

Criminal ane Hollywood movie lo basic plot line lift chesi Daniki mass elements add chesaru ismart Shankar team..

Ismart Shankar story enti ?
Shankar oka criminal.. chandini champina vala meeda revenge teerchukundamanna time ki police lo mind lo oka cop memories implant chestaru. Adhe bayya Mana bashalo cheppali chippu..

Inka akkada nunchi ah memories vachi ah mission ni Shankar poorthi cheyatame Katha.

Criminal Katha kuda almost inthe untadi..

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23 thoughts on “Hollywood to Tollywood | EP 2 | Remake, Inspired, Copied | Panja , Khaleja, Ismart Shankar | Thyview

  1. Bro meru panja movie ki remake ani cheppina movie already mohanbabu garu and Soundarya garu chesina movie "shivshankar" just look this…

  2. one more reverse example from TFI to hollywood….anukokunda oka roju of chandra shekar yeleti released in 2005 to hangover released in 2009…..drug/ alcohol infuence valla oka night lo jarigina incidence nunchi vache consequences and tarvata ela solve chesaru……kakapothe indulo serious storyline and andhulo comedy storyline untundi…

  3. You forgot two more,
    Goodachari is a ripof of kingsman secret service the whole movie is a remake of Kingman and kingsman is 10000000000 times better than goodachari, only the ending is different but it's similar too
    Spyder is inspired from batman darknight like the villan's mask is like scarcrow and Mahesh Babu asking him questions is like how batman asked joker

  4. Anti Anna video Mari fast cheppesaavu assalu konchem slow ga cheppavachugaa Anna but really it's very good bro

  5. Bro…monster movies midha oka video cheyandi bro..like king kong anaconda and godzilla alanti movies midha bro…

  6. Savyasachi lo Bus lo andharu villan gurinchi matladuluntar kadhaa Wild tales lo Oka story adhi. As it is indhulo pettaru.

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