FITNESS: Meet the Personal Trainer Magnus Lygdback who trained everyone from Alicia Vikander in Tomb Raider, Alexander Skarsgård in Tarzan, Ben Affleck in Justice League, James McAvoy in Glass and Gal Gadot for Wonder Woman 2. Here is my interview with the man behind the famous Magnus Method. Hope you learn something about fitness, diets and training. Thanks for watching.
Photo by: Magnus Sundholm @sundholmphotography – Follow Magnus Lydback @magnuslygdback
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40 thoughts on “Hollywood TRAINER Explains ★ The Real (Pain and Gain) Of Superheroes And Buffed Movie BODIES

  1. By accident I managed to grab a picture of Ben Affleck that was photo shopped onto The Rocks body. Sorry about that. Looks pretty good though. 😂

  2. People should remember that they use all the tricks to pump the muscles and dry out their skin. Besides they use super good lighting and can edit the movies. That is an option you have not in real unless you are an instagram model and only post your photosjopped pictures there. Do not fool your self, this is not for the average people. You either have nor the money or the time for it.

  3. dont have a day job. train hard for several hours a day. use steriods. youre welcome.

  4. And what about palm oil instead of the rest of food? Or what about nitrates? For example, in Russia I can't buy dairy products without technical palm oil. What would you recommend?

  5. Just imagine how much better they would be on a VEGAN diet! MUCH HEALTHIER!

  6. I hope you do an interview with Henry Cavill, he’s quite reticent in most I’ve seen but you have an engaging way that celebrities tend to open up with!

    Great vid as well!

  7. hahahahahahahaha this is soo double standard, hell read the part in the title… "pain and gain" they sure not complaining about the PAIN they are in with the millions n millions n millions of dollars they make FOR A MOVIE. so actors/actress can shut the fuck up about pain and everything else you are getting way way way over paid, yet let's complain we are in pain for "all that training" while making millions from a goddamn movie, sure not all movies do good at the box office but a goooood chunk do and well feminist love "Wounder Woman"

  8. So many Scandies between Alicia, Tarzan, and the trainer. It's the Viking invasion. The there a Hygge workout as well?

  9. Personal Trainer?? this is a kind of joke, I can do this job as well… cant understand how naive and stupid the people are to pay so much money for nothing? well , its US…

  10. can we stop glossing over the fac that 99% of them are using steroids? not tren obviously(except hugh jackman) but probably testosterone, hcg, and anavar or some other mild anabolic

  11. also people forget about a real stars workout…hellooo the marvel girl who pushed a 4wdrive with her back !!!!

  12. i was wondering how ben affleck got a mauri tattoo with the bull tatt on the otherside. yeah ben affleck did get so big lol

  13. Behind the scenes, but he is very important to the success of any movie. He seems very down to earth and looks like a real Viking

  14. That pic of afflecks head on the rock’s body has been used a lot like people don’t realize it’s actually the rocks body

  15. Man that’s is a cute little racing body and the cherry on top of the Sunday is that she as the face to go with it I know that a lots of guy’s out there are gonna say she as small boobs but there’s models for all tastes in the world and I’m 53 and always said that for my tastes she’s the perfect packaged at least for me , she would tell me to jump ! And my only replied would be , how high ?. 😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👍

  16. Excellent I love it I wish that men can training my body to made me look great for my wedding..😪🙏🤔🙂👍🤷‍♀️🤗😍🙋‍♀️😄👂✊

  17. She had a great body and looked exactly like the game version of young Laura. She did great as Laura. In addition Gal is the embodiment of Wonder Woman, amazing.

  18. a little obsessed with this trainers discipline, but good to know wonder woman 2 is ready to go and complete, cant wait for the trailer!!!

  19. too bad he made Superman look like a bodybuilder because Superman is naturally strong from his alien body. He doesn't need huge muscles. So it's really a false physical enhancement that doesn't need to be there

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