Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Disease
Album : Day Of The Dead
Label : Interscope Records

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20 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Disease [Lyrics Video]

  1. Da Kurlzz's scream in the beginning scared so many ppl that 209 of them missed the like button

  2. I know the song is called Disease but I understood “… everybody got this to see”

  3. Oh fuck, I've just realized Kanye sampled this song for Black Skinhead from the Yeezus album

  4. Society is the disease.

    Let that sink in. This song is about society's pressure and how oppressive it can be.

  5. Everybody : This song is cool
    Me: Automatically going to ROBLOX to use my SCP-049 OC
    Also me: I am The CUre

  6. Everybody everybody in da China's got this disease!

    And everywhere else 🙂 🤒

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