Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Enemy
Album : New Empire Vol.1
Label : Warner Music Group

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31 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Enemy [Lyrics Video]

  1. I heard you are homophobic and transphobic. Is that true?

  2. This song has potential too bad the autotune kinda ruined. Not saying this is a bad song

  3. Danny did well, very impressive. Johnny ofcourse being my biased favorite band member did well too. But overall. Not they're best album. Not complaining by any means. Just heavier and not what I anticipated.

  4. That guitar in the background when danny sings enemy is just so fucking satisfying

  5. When i hear all the Motherfuckers at the beginning of the song, I think: "Was this song written by Samuel L. Jackson or what?"
    But still, damn this song is amazing as fuck!!

  6. sounds like a shadow the hedgehog stage bruh i like it but timebomb still number one

  7. All: * makes terrible screams*
    Danny: I'm so afraid of me

    Danny, do you think, maybe that's not you?)

  8. I don't know who's responsible for the drums in this song, but they did an impressive job.

  9. My birthday was yesterday, I'll consider this album a gift.
    Sorry, this is not just a gift, this is the best gift xD

  10. I'm gonna start singing the chorus to this song when I meet someone new for the first time lol. Just kidding of course but at least then I would know right off the bat instead of having to wonder who shuns me and who doesn't.

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