Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Live Fast Die Young
Album : Psalms EP (2018)
Label : Warner Music Group

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26 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Live Fast Die Young [Lyrics Video]

  1. In every song, Danny's fuckin voice gives me goosebumps. I'm obsessed 🖤 Real talk, I want this song played at my funeral 🙌

  2. Damn, I want to dislike this but if I do that means I have to go an make sure to like every song that I enjoy…

  3. This song actually changed me as a person. Thank you so much HU. I can't express how free I feel now. 😊♥️

  4. ok, i hate it when people mourn a celebrity forever. But please tell me someone else thinks of Paul Walker when they listen to this song.

  5. When your wondering where Da kurlz mask is and then remember he left 🙁

  6. Still believe the ep was just songs from the previous album that didn't make the cut do to feeling they wouldn't fit on the previous album.

  7. Трек – Бомба. Музыка посыл голоса еще раз музыка. Для меня лично – это лучшая песня у HU

  8. HU then: "I know you're down to get drunk and fuck"
    HU now: "I know that feel bro"

  9. Sad to see such a different sound that swan song, really miss the old style. Only got like 10 songs to listen to Lol but whatever

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