Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Nightmare
Album : New Empire Vol.1
Label : Warner Music Group

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29 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Nightmare [Lyrics Video]

  1. I relate to j-dog’s verse since I’m an upcoming artist and my love life has been a mess

  2. Jonny's verce is so good every night I drive and I'm alone I play this and it fits so well it's just badass.

  3. Dang Charlie sounds just like Eminem they should make an Epic Rap Battle of History between Charlie Scene and Eminem

  4. I just spit 32 and didn't say a damn thing. Awesome lyric to end the song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. So many memories, I've come back after a year or more of being gone and they are as good as ever.

  6. Im kinda worried about Johnny… why does he say "help me" so many times in this album?

    Lets just hope its him singing….

    Also DAAAMN CHARLIE are you eminem?

  7. Charlie Scene is Resignation
    Johnny 3 Tears is Despair
    Danny is Sadness

    J-dog is Anger

  8. Really good lyrics, but needs heavier music. HU just doesn't sound properly with trap-ish sound, that's why I'm happy the majority of this album is full of raw energy like before

  9. Holy shit Charlie Scene sounds identical to eminem in his verse. Not complaining, but I literally had to double check to see if Eminem was featured

  10. My daughter's bf was shot in the heart this afternoon buy to black kids they try to rob him for8 ounces of hydro weed and he fought back n I guess he was winning so one of the black kids pulled a Glock pistol and let 2 shots off n low& behold they went straight to his 💓 he died in my daughter's arms with gun laws in Canada and Ontario theses fuckers will have fucking bail over a murder a fucking crumb 800$ of weed it's not worth ur life shoulda just said take it n leave not worth ur life

  11. You guys meant a lot to me growing up and this album didn’t let me down. Swan songs till now just keep making music

  12. Only song I like on the new album. Other ones had chorus but nothing special, got stale

  13. My new favourite song😍 my second is,, believie "and i listen it after every broke up and guess what. I'm listenning it again…

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