Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Party By Myself
Album : Day Of The Dead
Label : Interscope Records

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31 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Party By Myself [Lyrics Video]

  1. HU ARMY where you at? I'm actually trying to not be partying by myself.. anyone else need support?

  2. I'm glad I chose this song as my ringtone

    (2:17 why does the music and how he raps that sound so amazing?)

  3. This is me every single year on Valentine’s Day. And on my birthday. I Party by myself.

  4. This is my favorite song of Hollywood Undead 😝❤️! Yeah no one asked, but I thought I would leave this here anyways.

  5. Funny Man and Charlie Scene left alone in the studio for 4 minutes and 12 seconds

  6. When you discover this song in the midst of your lonely birthday. Yeah fuck everyone else

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