Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Second Chances (feat. Benji Madden)
Album : New Empire Vol.1
Label : Warner Music Group

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30 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Second Chances [Lyrics Video]

  1. It's insane xd I still can't believe I've been listening to HU since 2013, love you guys

  2. Its actually impressive that this channel has been around. For seven years this channel has been uploading HU songs even though Most people haven’t listened to HU for like 5 years at least

  3. Sounds like Joel Madden more than Benji Madden because it sounds like Joel's Voice

  4. This song brings me back to when I was young enough to play with barbies. I was so innocent, but in so much pain. I was still trying to figure out so much. Those summers still live on….

  5. Nothing about Danny's voice that seems like Chester Bennington's voice?

  6. 12 years ago when I was 11 years old I discovered you guys on myspace, and YouTube. 23 Still jamming. You're lyrics have connected with me my whole life. ty.

  7. I think this song is talking about how when everything and everyone is just bad and you’re in a bad place I think there’re trying to say to never give up and to keep on going since you’re running out of second chances and that you have to keep on going through life even if it maybe hard when everyone and everything is dying all around you

  8. Honestly, the fact that they avoided going for everything they usually did, and still managed to make wonderful music, is amazing to me.

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