Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Take Me Home
Album : Day Of The Dead
Label : Interscope Records

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31 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Take Me Home [Lyrics Video]

  1. "I see the truth through crimson eyes" and "there's no use trying to save my soul" is the fate of those of us who see the world for what it really is, an ugly greedy loveless mess that isn't worth anyone's time anymore.

  2. This makes me really happy about myself for smoking drinking and doing crazy dumb shit😂🤣😂

  3. This is one of those songs that its not danny who sings the chorus but charlie and its really good

  4. just saying if the apocalypse happens im putting this on full blast every where i go


    Ops, wrong song

  6. Me: Take me home, where the restless go, there's no use trying save me soul.
    Taxi driver:
    Taxi driver:.. Please don't hurt me.

  7. The battered and broken here gotta see:
    These dudes were here for the broken, and God has blessed them.
    God recognizes those who comfort the broken.
    You never know when you may have saved the life of one who will be Born Eternal.
    From the shadows of Sufferings, we know who had our backs.

  8. Why is everybody arguing about whos the best band member?

    I love all of them equally.

  9. Psst, try this at 0.75x speed ;P
    It sounds awesome, I can't explain it!

    But seriously this song overall is badass! My favorite with "Lion" I'd say equal!
    Thank you guys so much!

  10. i lie awake and face shadows in the night
    wake up misted from an abusive pipe

  11. i want to go home and what soul didnt they sell it in the song sell your soul lol

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