Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Usual Suspects
Album : Day Of The Dead
Label : Interscope Records

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32 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – Usual Suspects [Lyrics Video]

  1. Charlie Scene: I'm gonna start a war!
    Danny: Uhmm
    Charlie Scene: Or maybe I'm just trippin!
    Danny: Thats more like it Charlie.

  2. The Undead Army brought me back to life just so they can shoot me down with an amazing song, even to this day its still amazing

  3. I don't like this song to well but I still liked Day of the Dead though that song was good that song would be good to put in Rdr2 Undead Nightmare 2

  4. What my mind wants to hear:

    "I think I've lost my mind, I'm feeling so DIVINE"

    The actual lyrics:

    "I think I've lost my mind, I'm feeling so ALIVE"

    Lol, idk why it bothers me but it does.

  5. “The wickedness in you is the wickedness in me” dang that’s a deep verse right there

  6. Honey, why are we speeding up?
    Honey were going like 30 over the speed limit! Slow down!

  7. The chorus is so good! Way better than the rest of the song! Not that it is bad though!

  8. This song is probably in my top 10 they ever made I love the electronics/distorted guitar in this song and heavy drums. The verses are so badass and I love Danny's hook in the song. I remember when they first released it as a single in 2015 and I was listening to it nonstop and still jam it to this day.

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