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Hollywood Undead We Are Official Music Video Reaction.

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocXjr9nPnvg

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50 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – We Are (Official Music Video) Reaction

  1. Rich you have opened up a can of worms here HU are amazing give kill everything a go, or pigskin or dead bite

  2. Doc i’m so glad you’re checking out my favorite band aaa!!! I recommend: Day of the dead, Dead bite, lion, undead, everywhere i go (NOT THE MUSIC VIDEO ITS TORN TO PIECES BY CENSORING) hear me now, been to hell, rain, bad moon, bullet. all really good, some are more heavy rock/metal vibe and some have more hip hop vibes. all bangers though.

  3. We want more!
    We want more!
    We want more!
    We want more!
    We want more!
    (…Hollywood Undead reactions)

    Hear me now
    The City
    The Diary
    Day of the dead
    Dead bite
    Comin' in hot

  4. My question is are they gonna put that man out? That bitch was on fire 😂😂😂😂

  5. Everybody used to compare them to Slipknot because they were masks… Slipknot came out in 1999, But they don’t wear masks because of Slipknot, they only wore masks in the beginning because at the time they were coming up (2005-2008) Emo bands and stuff like that was pretty much running the scene, They said in an interview “we didn’t sound like any of those bands… So why would we want to look like them?” “We wore the masks to catch attention, and because they looked cool… Imagine you’re flipping through a magazine seeing all these Emo bands with the same long hair and the same black clothes… And then you come across a picture of six dudes wearing masks? You’re going to be interested.” They’ve been wearing them since they started.

    The thing about their masks though if they change with each album… while slipknot will usually wear the same masks for a while before changing, Hollywood Undead changes their masks every cycle… They recently stopped wearing them for the new album…but they have teased the return of new ones.

  6. give these a try by them dude; Undead
    Coming In Hot,
    Everywhere I Go,
    Knife Called Lust,

  7. It would be awesome if you could react to day of the dead (The Star Wars Amv) the channel is imrael.production 🙂

  8. You should check out their older stuff like:
    My black dahlia
    It shits all over their newer music

  9. Hollywood undead before deuce left would be a fun one to see you react to as well

  10. I love that you finally got to Hollywood undead, they really don't have a bad song. React to "cashed out" it's one of they're rap songs with a hint of rock

  11. You need to check out California Dreaming by Hollywood Undead , also a rap rock track with very good lyrics

  12. Dead bite, been to Hell, undead, young, day of the dead, bullet… And just for something fun, everywhere I go.

  13. I'm a huge fan of H.U. now into Tom Macdonald, prior to H.U. System of a down, react to BYOB or Chop Suey from System

  14. Lion is a good song too with a meaning from them also they have party songs like party by myself, pigskin and war child if you want to react to that

  15. they have a mix of party and deep meaningful songs. checkout the swan songs album, dead bite, diary of the dead, hear me now, been to hell, christmas in hollywood

  16. Do a reaction to America by Deuce who was a band member of Hollywood Undead

  17. check out nightmare by hollywood undead. its a new track and its got a hell of a message

  18. React to Undead and Everywhere I Go by them Doc! Also not sure who came first. Slipknot or them

  19. Please please please do more Hollywood Undead! You honestly cannot go wrong with any song, so pick any….

  20. Listen to bullet by them. Its about suicide but its super upbeat. Its a weird song.

  21. They usually dont do a music video. They usually just do audio and the occasional lyric vid

  22. Saw them live in Athens with Papa Roach and Ice nine kills a few months ago. The atmosphere was electric. One of the best (and most underrated) bands to see live imo! Reaction on point as always.

  23. Favorite verse- With a gleam in his eye, his middle finger to the sky
    Crooked smile on his face, he doesn't think he can die. So grab a pick and an axe, 'cause we try, we cry, into the bottle of Jack, we die inside, So when you look in his eyes, what you see now?

  24. No. 5 is my favorite song💯. But they have alot of music out. Glad to see you finally react to HU🤙. Been a fan since 2007

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