You can always count on actors to look completely out of touch and during lock down it’s been super obvious.

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29 thoughts on “Hollywood Uses Lockdown To DEMAND Regular Folk Change IMMEDIATELY! (China Cool Though)

  1. SMASH Like On This Video & Leave A Comment To Tell Hollywood To Shut The Fuck Up..

  2. I remember Robert Deniro bragged about knowing FOREIGN SPY ARNON MILCHAN AND HIS SMUGGLING OF NUCLEAR TRIGGERS TO HIS COUNTRY! Robert Deniro should be jailed. He's a piece of shit. Look up Arnon Milchan who used his business as a front for smuggling weapons of mass destruction. Deniro thought it was great.

  3. There will come a day where money won't buy them shit! Much akin to Billy Zane trying to buy his way off the titanic. Except tinsel town is what is sinking! Xionara bitches hahaha 🤣

  4. Are there some Hollywood people that are sincere? My answer, Keanu Reeves


    Keanu Reeves: … [STAYS AT HOME AND CHILL] So You Guys Want To Go Outside Too? Nah! I’m STAYING HERE.

  6. These celebrities fucktards need to shut fck up and humble quicker. The general public has woken massively and have a legitimate disdain for their hypocritical annoying moral bankruptcy. We also will never buy another movie/ concert ticket and will boycott your other businesses such as clothing lines. We do not like you anymore! You suck!!. Your fake your ignorant and consumed with self preservation and greed! The rituals and sexual perversion you partake in to brown nose repulses us especially since we have found out involved child trafficking, satanic rituals,murder. Gfoh! This is the new order! Celebrities are no longer relevant. You may live to see the day that you will be stoned death on the street! See ya!

  7. Good luck you pathetic Hollywood pieces of shit. No one gives a shit what you think.

  8. I know so many people who are caught up in everything the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the government is saying. They actually believe they are good and looking out for them. I try to tell them, but they act like I’m the bad guy. How the he’ll could you actually believe that you can tell other people what they can and cannot do, just because they might get you sick. That’s like saying I have the right to revoke your drivers license just because you might wreck into me. It’s that ridiculous. Yet they are saying it with a totally straight face. They insult us every time they talk to us like this.

  9. Dear Hollywood I have changed thank you I used to love watching movies look up to actors used to find their stories interested now it's all just a big joke anyways I got to get back to my book!

  10. This is rich. These celebrities are just hypocrites and are only wealthy because we the consumers made them wealthy.

  11. If we could run our cars and planes on bottled leftist arrogance we'd be done with oil forever.

    The Jane Austen novel reading crowd is sad. And sadder is that millions believe everything they say. Sorry 20-somethings but you are the group that keep Kimmel, Fallon, and Colbert on TV. They are no talent hacks but you laugh at every silly skit.

  12. “Consumerism is bad” said the guy with six cars, three houses and 2 yachts, wearing a $50,000 watch.

  13. so millionaires in they ivory towers telling the little people how to live. They can f**k off.

  14. I just realized that I should film my quarantine. It's a period piece in the future, of a peek into the life of the day to day life of an average person in quarantine. 🙂

  15. Released in a French newspaper? Oooh la la

    Yes we couldn't have the European elites thinking that Hollywood is anything like the rest of America.

  16. I think it was Brando who said that acting is just basically being paid to lie. Why would we take advice for any of them unless it was about how to be a more effective performer of convincing falsehoods?

  17. If you see one of these celebrities out in public surround them. Cause a scene, make them uncomfortable, let them know they are unwelcome.
    Maxine waters

  18. Actor tweets (while on a billionaire buddy´s yacht): "we´ll have to learn not to waste resources, y´all"…yeah, fuck you.

  19. Reevaluate our economy, roger change ticket prices so we don’t have to overpay our modern day court jesters. Got it.

  20. It's an AD ABSURDUM:
    Someone sent a big country a dokument, signed by a lot of countries, "stop being evil"

    Now Hollywood has sent a list, "change your behaviour"

    It's awesome, they cleverly use money to fuck with the westerners.

    I love this thought.

  21. Celebrities are nothing more than entertainment nothing more nothing less. Never listen to a celebrity they're f**** idiots

  22. Hollywood take your own advice. I bet you have a lot more "non essentials" than I do so please, I insist, you go first

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