A visit to Hollywood Blvd to take one of the many van tours available to see the sites . This was a 2 hour trip all around Mulholland Drive , Beverly Hills and much more .


46 thoughts on “Hollywood Van Tour ( Full Experience ) – Celebrity Homes / Beverly Hills / Rodeo & Mulholland Drive

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    Always wanted to go on this type of tour . The chopped off roof vans lining the blvd are everywhere . I went with this from an onlookers perspective , did not chime in to attempt to question or correct any info along the way . Enjoy !
    Previous video https://youtu.be/BBWu91gVnDg

  2. I’m young dude not wearing branded cloths/spend money to watch movies .
    By doing all that you making those people richer they live lavash styles and your getting poorer as people on this your bus paid money to watch where their has gone 😜

  3. Next time get American Citizen to drive you around not from someone who is not !

  4. Dear Sir I will like to point your intention to a channel 4 investigation it says that most of them are scammers they drive horrible and they make up movie stars homes it though I think you may have been scammed I would be appreciative if you respond to my comment and watch the investigation it would be appreciative I hope you stay safe will Norwood

  5. Oh thank you for this tour!! Was suppose to go on this In April.Its reschedules for June but I don't think that's happening!

  6. it's too bad there wasn't a translator on the van, woulda got your money's worth😧

  7. TIMESTAMP 28:20 Fun Fact : I stayed in a hostel above the Liquor Store sign. It was full of crazies. The check-in guy put in a room for 4 people, but said "it's better if I leave you have this room on your own". During the night, the other guests were howling like banshees all night. It was then I discovered, that unlike in Europe, US hostels can have long term residents. Most of these the guy told me had "serious mental health problems". I was glad it was only for 3 nights.

  8. you could just look up online who's house is who's and take a tour yourself and save money. Most of these van tours are not accurate, if not all of them are never 100% correct. Plus if you're a tour guide you should be easy to understand

  9. Totally loved this one, lived in LA my whole life and it was still entertaining haha

  10. Well didn't usually like these types of videos as I'd never ever go to la as too expensive, but with lockdown happening , may as well watch a tour 🙂 must be great not to have to drive haha

  11. No Marilyn Monroe homes? wat kind of suck ass celeb tour is that? lmao

  12. We went on a tour in 1977 we are from the uk . Was so impressed loved everything . We didn't go to the Hollywood sign.

  13. I came here to watch the video, because I'm interested in this stuff…Unfortunately, I don't understand a fu*** word the driver is saying….I'll keep watching the video, muted.

  14. That's as close as I will ever get so I enjoyed it very much just wish we could of understood the driver a little better.

  15. he’s literally lying about nearly all of these. those are not the homes of the celebs they are saying

  16. right now this is my fave channel! amazing work bro! the 2020 king of lockdown videos

  17. I use to be a Beverly hills tour guide of stars homes, so many of the home were right on, so as for the ones that he says look way over there, that is where I say, not sure, I also did a few of the llok way over there, but not many, mine were real, hope that helps you guys, so I would say, he did a great job,

  18. How do we know the celebs live in those houses? They could just be some random millionaires houses that the tour companies assign names to

  19. Thanks to you and the driver, the trip was excellent and relaxing! Didn’t have enough time to make it in 2018 so it is a very good idea that you‘ve got. ✌️

  20. Those tours are a joke. There's better ways to spend your time in Los Angeles

  21. This would have been SO MUCH BETTER if Adam was on the mic as I can't understand 95% of what the guide is saying 😔

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