For the first time in the history of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Walk of Fame Selection Committee made a live announcement on prior to the milestone star ceremony for Jennifer Lopez who was honored with the 2,500th star today. The Committee Chairman David Green and President and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Leron Gubler announced the new group of entertainment professionals skilled in the categories of Motion Pictures, Television, Radio, and Recording who have been chosen to receive the coveted Walk of Fame star. “The Walk of Fame Selection Committee is proud to announce the new Class of 2014,” stated David Green, Chairman of the Walk of Fame selection committee. “We have a great mix of celebrities and industry executives who have made Hollywood what it is today – one of the greatest entertainment destinations in the world. The new selections will bring great joy and fond memories for those millions who visit Hollywood each year!”
The Hollywood Walk of Fame committee chairman David Green announced next year’s list of honorees Thursday at a ceremony where Jennifer Lopez received her honor, with Tupac Shakur and Phil Hartman set to be lauded posthumously.

In the film category, those scheduled to receive a star in 2014 are: Orlando Bloom, Ray Dolby, Sally Field, Jack Harris, Jessica Lange, Matthew McConaughey, Liam Neeson, Paul Mazursky and Tom Sherak.

In TV, Dabney Coleman, Kaley Cuoco, Claire Danes, Giancarlo Esposito, Deidre Hall, Cheryl Hines, Don Mischer, Travis Smiley and Hartman are set to be honored.

Recording stars include Katy Perry, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Rick Springfield and Shakur.


49 thoughts on “Hollywood Walk of Fame Announces 2014 Honorees

  1. where is tupacs star situated on the walk of fame.we can't find it ..anybody know please

  2. Tupac in 5 years career… Haha biggest Star on this Planet… Rest in peace Mr. Legend

  3. Eminem is one of the biggest star in the world..Katy perry should replaced by eminem

  4. Bullshit. Those corny ass pop stars don't deserve stars. And Tupac should have had a star years ago!

  5. JESSICA LANGE – that's all I wanted to hear, congrats to both her oh and also Jennifer Lopez

  6.  ♡ Someone heard
    the screams of joy and excitement
     when the man said
    KATY PERRY ♡  
     I love her,  2:37

  7. 2:38 You can hear the excitement of the audience!
    she deserves to be there ..I am so proud and happy for her.I just love her so fucking much :`)
    For ever KatyCat ♥

  8. 2:45 is the tupac part,,,Pac is the man and this STAR is way overdure as for Katy Perry i thinh Its 2 early for Her 2 be Getting a hollywood Star

  9. Some of the greatest movie stars in history do not have their stars on this walk of fame. No Katherine Hepburn, no Audrey Hepburn, No Spencer Tracy, no Lawrence Olivier, no Vivien Leigh to name a few… It's quite hilarious to see some B grade entertainers getting a star.

  10. all these people  they said…….who knows them?????????? The world only knows 2pac…….not others….. he is a legend and hip hop icon also an actor n an activist.

  11. omg I walked passed the walk of fame today, and a star was marked inappropriately!!!! it said "Ice Cube"!!!! ITS A STAR NOT A ICE CUBE!!!!! WHAT DUMBASS PUT ICE CUBE ON THE STAR!!!! ITS A STAR NOT A CUBE!!!!!

  12. Why the fuck does Eminem now have one? Best selling artist of the 2000s…really Hollywood?!

  13. Took over two decades for my boy PAC to get this shit while Katy got it like that and diddy got it by dancing smFh

  14. At last. Tupac should've gotten it a long time ago, but late is better than never. 

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