Hollywood Writer Chris Martin Palmer cheers ‘protester’ destruction then CHANGES HIS MIND when it comes for him!


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45 thoughts on “Hollywood Writer CHEERS 'Protester' Destruction then CHANGES HIS MIND When It Comes For Him!

  1. I wish we could all write puss to this mother father, call him racist too, because he comparing his followers to animals, call him out! He is a POS!

  2. I think buses should be put on for the protesters,you know those not so peaceful ones and then take up rodeo dr,and Beverly Hills and Hollywood hills and anywhere else the real rich elite live and let the rioters have their fun up there.
    Then of course Nancy Pelosis house for that yummy ice cream
    And I think you are all getting my picture.
    I would call that very well worth watching,infact I might even tune into cnn just to see what they are saying about their beloved pets then.

  3. This is just the sort of person minorities should be leary of. They got your back until they need someone to get their back. I am so glad this story saw the light of day. I hope he loses his job.

  4. I'm glad he got called out by errybody!

    Every tweet he'll send out form now on, people will rightfully remind how a shit-eating hypocrite he is and they do refresh his memory every time! Funny as fudge!

    That guy is holy-sheet cringey and deserves to be clowned forever until he deletes his account.

  5. I pray that him timberlake Chrissy Tegan Seth rogan Steve carroll that pussy Patton Oswald and all those instigators of mayhem get it ten fold hell yeah they can say it so can I I hope the (cough) protesters come and scale your precious gated communities and raise it to the ground hey on the bright side you can bail them out to destroy more Hollywood douches homes yaaaaay 🤔👍👍👍👍

  6. Chris Martin Palmer " Burn it all down ".
    Then when his own gated community gets attacked by the violent mobs causing damage and chaos across the U.S.A,he cries for help.
    As you may just get it.🤔🤫🤯😨😰😱😡

  7. It's ok to burn down the communities when it comes to us common folk but if it starts getting to close to they Hollywood hypocrites the scream stop.

  8. That beautiful community that Chris Martin lives in is all white, and built by whites (along with the rest of modern civilization)

  9. He isn't welcome on the right, they will cancel him. A man without a home isn't a man.

  10. Perhaps all those “protesters” should provided with “maps to stars homes”.

  11. Remember when Trump called MS13 gang members animals? Media freak out. This guy calls "protesters" animals. Crickets.

  12. Black "LIES" Matter!

    Racism does exist; but to say it defines America is a lie.

    Society in general never said Black lives don't matter. Which makes the name of the movement a lie..

    P U S S Y !
    Edit:: tweets *

  14. Now that he’s safe again, he’ll go back to being a verbal Leftist provocateur.

  15. Chris Palmer: I changed teams faster than than the Maury's audience when the guy is not the father.

  16. this tweet should be in a museum , hell it should be on a republican election poster

  17. Someone needs to bus these 'protestors' to Hollywood. I don't think Justin Timberlake will be bailing them out of jail after they destroy his house.

  18. Funny how Hollywood elites say it's the "white supremacist" causing all the riots and are looting, yet you are offering to bail them out of jail

  19. I get a little tired of having to watch someone else's learning curve. I don't have the foggiest idea who Chris Martin Palmer is, but I do know how fucking stupid he is. Hope they burn his shit to the ground.

  20. Hey Chris Palmer: I bet the rioters know where your gated community is. Make sure you cheer them with open arms when they come!

  21. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hope all these (celebs) get a lil taste of their hypocrisy

  22. dont ban guns ,,, ban gated communities!!!! more evil caused by ppl living in them than damage done by gun crimes!

  23. You should do a vid about those 2 white women who sprayed BLM on front of a Starbucks then was told by black people around them to not do that as it looked made them look like vandals and they wanted to keep it a peaceful protest. They couldn’t run away quick enough.

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