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In Hollywood, a little bit of self-confidence goes a long way, and a lot of it goes even further. An overly robust ego is practically a job requirement in the wayward world of showbiz, and the industry is crawling with stars who could benefit from a generous slice of humble pie (or two). Or maybe even the whole pie. Many Hollywood stars possess levels of arrogance that border on the pathological, and examples are never too hard to come by. So, without further ado, here are our nominees for Hollywood’s Most Arrogant Celebrities. It is humbling, no?

​Gwyneth Paltrow | 0:30
Faye Dunaway | 1:43
​Miles Teller | 3:09
Catherine Zeta-Jones | 4:24
​James Cameron | 5:32
Shannen Doherty | 6:50
Katherine Heigl | 8:14
Kanye West | 9:29

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50 thoughts on “Hollywood's Most Arrogant Celebrities

  1. What! Only 10? Better off coming up with a list of non-arrogant Hollywood actors. Good luck with that list. They're almost all arrogant narcissistic elitist who want to dictate how the "serfs" should live.

  2. so it's necessary to excell at your job to succeed but it's not quite ok to know you're really good at it and god forbid to actually feel ok to say it out loud??? i don't know if gwyneth really is or isn't arrogant but saying you're good at smtg when you really are is not arrogance to me

  3. What goes around…bad or rude behavior is because of inferiority complex…beauty or good looks mean nothing when you’re a psycho or diva. Catherine zeta isn’t all that good looking, even when younger. Wealth means nothing if you’re miserable to others. Gwenith Paltrow? Please, she’s an idiot.

  4. People. With low self esteem behaves THIS way. If you check all their past history each of them spoke of very insecure and unsure times they felt like the weirdo as kids!and awkward youngsters , Or suffer from MENTAL . Plus living in delusion of being told you are better THAN! To offset t their real defects! Whether mental or physical.

  5. Faye Dunaway is worse than this site portrays. I was a Sales Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Kansas City and one of my jobs was Entertainment Manager. She doesn't have an ounce of soul in her heart. Her assistant actually called me after they stayed with us in tears and asking me to write a rec for her because she could not being treated horrible any more.

  6. I don’t know about all the other ones on the list but Kanye West is a complete asshole. All of the other celebrities may be annoying but everything said about them it’s just hearsay and from secondhand sources. With Kanye West however we see him act like a complete jerk.

  7. Well .. when u don’t have the money to work and pay for daycare .. it’s really difficult gwenny… but I’m sure you can afford 3 different nannies wherever u go huh.. yeah .. it’s so hard being on “set” I will not watch anymore of your movies .. you need to know it’s those ppl that make 25 a year are the ones making it possible for you to have the paycheck that you do .. every mother worth their weight should be recognized and applauded !! Not just the rich, on set .. moms !!

  8. At least shanen doherty had changed already, she's a better person now. If she was involved in trouble before well then it was part of her younger days, I mean common we do crazy things when we are young.

  9. Katherine Zeta Jones deserves everything she's gotten. You HAVE to know that shes ran the gauntlet of the Hollywood spanking zone. Everything they said about her in this video, sounds correct to me if I were in her high heels. Love that woman for all she's worth. Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. You can't even begin to compare being on set while being pampered and flying on jets to the grueling tasks of raising a child while covered in all kinds of unimaginable fluids or foods where you can only find the time to worry about your own hygiene like once a week. Gwyneth lost my respect with that.

  11. Did somebody open the gates to the funny farm and let these people out? A shrink would have a picnic with this bunch of idiots. Instead of Oscars, etc. they should have a "Narcissist of the Year" award. Zeta Jones is such a treasure she's selling her merchandise on QVC……..lol. I guess she does that in between flitting from house to house. They're so sad, it's almost pathetic. Trying so hard to convince the public their lives are perfect…..really?

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