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Hollywood’s New Rules: The Old Boys Club is Dead

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2 thoughts on “Hollywood’s New Rules: The Old Boys Club is Dead

  1. I’m all for equal opportunity where talent and experience matters in all facets of entertainment – not skin color (except when story-specific for actors). For a very long time only one group had made the rules that everyone played by and it was just accepted as “the way it is” for quite a while. So I understand the need for other groups to be given the same opportunities after being passed over for decades. Representation matters but it shouldn’t be at the expense of others who are also deserving. It’s clear people want fairness but even what’s considered fair can be up for debate.

  2. ill have to say. this is about the most interesting entertainment article ive read in a long time.

    its such a conplicated topic too that im nog surr ehat the right answer is. i do believe our woke soceity has gone too far and cancel culture is toxic.

    but i also do believe there needs to be quotas on how many lgbtq, female, and POC are involved in the industry in order for the industry to change. i hope the big wigs are including quotas amongst themselves too though i suspect they are still all white men.

    Also, i hate the word bipoc and wish people would stop using it. its an outrageously racist acronym that puts black people above everyone else, including every other minority as they dont even mention latinos or asians in that acronym and they put black people first in that word. it makes a difference too. hollywood has upped the number of black people by a lot but i actually see fewer latinos and asians overall.

    i think if lawsuits happen, with our conservative courts these days, the woke crowd will be in for a rude awakening as i dont think the courts will vote in fsvor of the quotas.

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