At the height of its popularity quicksand appeared in one out of 35 Hollywood films. It has since disappeared from the mainstream psyche. Regardless of quicksand’s cultural status today, impressionable audiences who grew up during its heyday, have given birth to an aging community of quicksand fetishists that re­create versions of our favorite quicksand films with an erotic twist.

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42 thoughts on “Hollywood's Quicksand Fetish

  1. Who else came here after Joe Rogan‘s podcast with Duncan Trussell? 🤣

  2. The wizards of waverly place movie had a quick sand scence with Selena Gomez

  3. Are the guys filming always secretly hoping they can just let them drown and watch lol

  4. Everyone really down on the gay wrestling thing but quicksand fetish is apparently fine lol

  5. Not exactly sure how I ended up here, in the white rabbit hole called Youtube.
    OK !! Animals have been getting stuck in quicksand since prehistoric times & their bones have been found in now dried up bogs..
    So if a mainstream movie quicksand scene was done properly today, I think it would go gold !!
    However it now comes down to the main trouble why so few quicksand scenes are done today, finding a film actress or actor who would dare do a quicksand scene.
    Maybe not many famous stars today would do so, in fear of losing their acting popularity.
    The film goers would most likely love it but Im betting critics would slam it

  6. Vags full of sand and dirt after the the shots – I pity the women actors.

  7. Plot twist its a snuff film these chicks never made it out, and you all watched unknowingly, and thats what gets these viewers off

  8. Why would anyone get turned on bye being sinked by quicksand? I think it’s intense and terrifying.

  9. so, why are girls in quicksand, mud, erotic? i mean, we REALLY don't need to go into it: it IS highly erotic; but i'm bloody CURIOUS; because i've come across DOZENS of girls in QS, mud, youtubes, that ARE NOT erotic: korean major tourist event, several other countries similar, carried by absolutely mainstream news (!), then just do a youtube-search for the key-words, & you'll see what i mean, lots of categories involving girls in QS, mud, NOT erotic (at least not CONSCIOUSLY, hooo, HOOOO!); and i'm sure everyone in most countries today, regularly sees more exposed flesh in various ads, media, than you see in the avg QS, mud, youtube; so, on analysis, it could be said that girls in QS, mud, IS erotic– but no, its not; huh? and girls in QS, mud, IS a major-league taboo, but no, its not; huh? its immoral– NOT!!; its probably illegal, or at least should be– NOT!!; its a pervert-thing– NOT!!; my theory is that all sexual-stuff is human-animal-stuff, & that means its related to some primordial-survival-mechanism, sex/breeding; maybe tribal warfare, hunting, ie, men went out to hunt & raid for tens of thousands of generations; mud was a death-trap for who, or what, ever, got bogged-down in it (enemy unit, hunted prey), & it was quite a chore to clean-off whatever the guys are taking back to camp (game, spoil, captives); whereas the female-gatherers would HAVE to have spent quite a bit of time by the river for drinking&washing,&cooking water, bathing the kids, getting clay for pottery– also, its very likely that these primitive, archaic, females were quite young (careful, now: Watchlists…), & liked to play in the mud w/ the kids; so, the men come home to THAT scene, all-horney from the rush of The Kill, the battle (see TEDX ;why we struggle now'), & ready for a quick bath to wash off the blood&sweat, & why not get-it-on w/ the muddy, slippery wives– thus ESTABLISHING a regular, normal context for having sex; it would create hard-wiring (pun), social structures, cultural values, that tend to carry-forward to all subsequent generations, if only subconsciously; i quess we can 'thank' mankinds' early religious, 'spiritual', leaders for decreeing girls in QS, mud, to be taboo, obscene, perverted, Wrong-Minded…i should delete this

  10. Iv sunken into quicksand b4! The only reason you sink when u flail around is because you feel the bottom right away! Quicksand is only 0.5 meters deep! You flailing made you sink because you are making room on the bottom for you to sink more!

  11. Whatever flips your skirt, but why is vice afraid to show nudity but they will show dead children

  12. I don't think that anyone associated with this industry EVER gets laid!

  13. I can only guess that Dave Lodoski doesn't get laid much:
    "Hi! I'm Dave! I make movies about girls drowning in quicksand!"

  14. Minecraft pocket and the other hand is a good thing I have to be at the other hand is a good thing I have to be at the other hand is a good thing I

  15. The Neverending Story had a sort of quicksand scene that wasn't a joke. But that was more quick mud I guess

  16. im feel so fucking annoying to see this kind of thing! such as sex with donkey!? wtf is the human thinking about!!!!

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