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47 thoughts on “Homeless Singer Hollywood Anderson Makes Jennifer Lopez Cry On American Idol

  1. I'd listen and go see this man in concert he sounds so good and that song was fucking great his voice everything ….hope that dude goes far

  2. These are the beautiful people society throws away to the streets. I know from first hand. We all need a chance in life to shine like this great man.
    Blessings to him and all others.

  3. JLo: I want to record this song. Can I have it?
    Harry: Right now it's about him.

    Snap! Did JLo get reprimanded? Lol

  4. You people are so sick and fake. Fuck you people j lo is a fucking Cunt. Fake fucking bitch. Fake. Fake cunts

  5. You fake fucking discusting cunty bitchy judges are just fucking gross. Every logical person hates your guts. All of you are sick. Fake ugly. The ugliest peoples on the planet. Your sickness soaks thru your skin.

  6. Such heart and passion for his music and best friend. The WORLD needs more people like this man. I have alot of repsect and love for this man. Great job.

  7. Glory be to God. Everyone is important. Everyone has something to bring on the table!

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