Between ‘Big Little Lies’ and ‘The Kill Team,’ Alexander Skarsgård has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most chilling villains — here’s how he is able to pull out the humanity in every character, no matter how evil.
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You’ll never hear Alexander Skarsgård say he was ‘born for acting’ — in fact, if it all went away tomorrow, he’d be totally fine. He doesn’t act because he has too, or feels pressured by his family’s legacy, he does it because he thoroughly enjoys it. Plus, he has the accolades (Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG) to prove it.

Between the abusive and manipulative Perry Wright in ‘Big Little Lies,’ 1,000-year old vampire Eric Northman in ‘True Blood,’ to his upcoming portrayal of evil Randall Flagg in Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ — Alex Skarsgård is racking up an impressive list of haunting performances.

Despite not agreeing with the decisions of many of his characters, he focuses on the motivation and humanity of each part.

Watch as Skarsgård shares what drew him to ‘The Kill Team’ as Sergeant Deeks and how he drew from his own personal experiences of serving in the Swedish military.

For more on ‘The Kill Team’ and other upcoming Alexander Skarsgård films, get the inside scoop on this episode of I Have A Question by NowThis Entertainment.

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  1. I love him as Eric Northman. He should play a vampire in another project. He could pull off a pair of fangs.


  3. I've got so much respect for him for wanting to be an actor actor and not a Hollywood celebrity

  4. Some men are ok with beard ,but not without. Or vice versa, but in his case both looks are pretty good!

  5. Great questions & a good interviewer (for once, on this channel), but the subject definitely helped matters. 😁 I always enjoy hearing those who play villains so well talk about how they understand & portray their characters. ❤️

  6. Why does he look so small in this interview? If I didn’t know better, he only looks slightly bigger than the interviewer

  7. He is a real talent. It rather bothers me that so many people only comment on his physical appearance.

  8. I looked at the thumbnail and instantly thought he can play Randall Flagg theres like a humorous chaos with evil lying underneath itll be a good watch.

  9. Great interview! Interesting questions, and Alex is so thoughtful with his answers. Love it!

  10. Stellan, his father, is mush better. Alexander lacks professionalism. Alexander flaunts.

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  12. Not even a single white hair in his beard. What's wrong with this guy?!!! Why isn't he aging?!!!

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