***BREAKING BAD SPOILERS *** Unpacking Hollywood’s inability to adapt literature without cutting corners, and the wasted potential of Daenerys Targaryen as a tragic hero.

– Apologies about the terrible audio!

– NOTE – I gloss over the Long Night in my hypothetical “tragic hero” situation because I am implying Dany’s descent occurs before Jon approaches her. The show also proved that the Whitewalkers were never a real threat so I did not view this as necessary to include.

George’s interview: https://nyti.ms/2Ej15y4
Quicknotes on Aristotle: http://bit.ly/2LWYK20

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34 thoughts on “How Hollywood Failed Daenerys

  1. Guys, I know what you're thinking. This audio is amazing! Take notes. EDIT: Oh boy, I am not an advocate for slavery. I mention it in this video because Dany goes into a culturally complex society and completely abolishes an ancient (yes, cruel and unjust) system. I'm not saying "but what about the economy", I'm saying that if you're going to tear down an unjust system, you have to take measures to ensure a new system will maintain harmony and that there is a new economic system where everyone is paid for their labour. But this does not happen – Dany abolishes the systems, kills the elites (even the ones who had been working on a slower but more stable reform plan), and leaves the city. We are given evidence that Astapor is overtaken by a former butcher who murders the council she had implemented and re-instates the old slave system. We can all agree that slavery is bad – and it is obviously a universal evil – but George R. R. Martin provides us a much more complicated and nuanced discussion about these systems – while still acknowledging that Dany's heart is in the right place.

  2. I'm now in the middle of an intense debate with my husband about what shows can be considered "serialized cinematic masterpieces".
    I'm curious to know, besides Breaking Bad and True Detective: what tv shows do you think should fall under the umbrella of Serialized Cinematic Masterpiece?

  3. This is validation and closure to 9 years of my life.
    Thank you Broey.

  4. I always expected her end in the show to be tragic in some way, because that’s the natural fuckery of how they operated, but I never expected them to hustle her along to the ending they gave us. If they were going to go with that ending, they really needed to let it breathe and pace it to that end. The minute they decided to chop the show to 6 episodes for the final season, the fight with the army of the dead should’ve been the ending.

  5. Lovely video essay!! You put all my thoughts and feelings into words, and very eloquently at that. I feel so seen lol. Well done<33

  6. best analysis of her character and the show’s failure that i’ve seen yet, well fkn done 👏

  7. It would have been so much sadder and more shocking if the audience was cheering for her, say she had won the battle at Kings Landing as she would have without burning everyone, making us so elated we see she may truly have learned from her mistakes, only everyone for her to still be killed (for some reason I just wanted it to be Grey worm, for that symmetry with her father's death) by someone who doesn't buy that she will ever learn those nuances. That way she is killed by her flaw, and the audience is left with something to truly mourn, the possibility of her dream succeeding.

  8. Didn't think I'd ever watch another GOT vid again…but here I am. Still can't get the taste of bile out of my mouth, or the stake out of my heart for 10 wasted years.

  9. Found your videos and have been watching for the past 2 hours! Your content is so well thought out and researched, I'm really impressed! Keep up the awesome videos!

  10. okay i agree with you, but dany always actively learned from her mistakes. she learned to give people fair trials, she learned to follow the law regardless of her own feelings, ("the law is the law") she reopened the fighting pits in mereen to respect the culture to cultivate peace, and she married a master she hated in order to bridge the gap between the common people (formers slaves) and masters. when she came back with drogon and the dothraki, she obliterated the terrorist group that threatened both former slaves and former masters, and the people trying to destroy her city, even giving them an opportunity to surrender, even sparing one of the men responsible. dany made good decisions, intelligent decisions, she just lacked the force needed to push back people who wanted to continue owning slaves. after the second siege of mereen was won, the bay of dragons was confirmed to be peacefully controlled. She left for westeros leaving a system of democracy and a police force of second sons. she left it much, much better than it was before? and to the notion that tyrion should be credited for the peace: tyrion made a bad deal with the masters that resulted in the siege. the only good thing he and varys did for mereen was that they brought the red priests to increase morel, which was great. But dany was the one who implemented policies that improved the city. i don't think there's anything dany did in mereen that jon wouldn't have done. she learned to rule by the law without exceptions, to manage class clashes. mereen was a learning curve for dany. mereen was a trial period for ruling westeros. and she did well there. she overcame every obstacle and learned how to rule with a level head. there's absolutely no reason why she couldn't rule like that in westeros.

  11. Then when Daenerys Targaryen turns realistically mad in the books, the complaints will be how literature failed her. It seemed no one had a problem with the show's faults until after the character who both the show and world praised as a feminist icon proved to be the antichrist. To acknowledge Dany was screwed over is acknowledging Arya's arc was scrapped, Sansa had everything handed in to her for a meta redemption and Cersei was turned sympathetic in the very end.

  12. The ending was alright but felt rushed. Almost every episode was about the coming of white walkers than the fight just ends in one season then one season of her taking the iron thrown then Snow goes to the white wall. The end. See how rushed that is? It was good just rushed and seemed hurried towards the end.

  13. D&D never understood the books. They even said that themselves in an interview.

  14. Videos are good but please the music is too loud and sometimes not appropriate.

  15. You’re in recommended… in less than 5 seconds I knew why…. 🥱

  16. God, you perfectly described what we all wanted at 9:40. It gives me chills to hear it.

  17. D and D approached Martin when they were nobody and when they became famous on the back of Martin. They abandoned his dream.

  18. I have paid leave for two weeks, I've caught up on some films, rewatching some series, playing some games but I'm not rewatching GoT and I don't think I ever will. Even though I'm inside and bored to tears.

  19. D&D sucked and ruined her they ruined Jamie jons and Daenerys and Ceersi they ruined them mostly Daenerys Targaryen

  20. I will forever be salty about how they miss handled the show in the last few seasons. If they didn’t want to put the time in the effort into making it well written they should’ve handed it off to other people instead of botching the core story.

  21. It was a shame to see her character writing fall apart. As a good fan of GOT, I still love the show, but I hate the last season. They ruined not only Daenerys, but multiple other characters too. I was always so interested in her story-line, and I followed it so closely. D. and D. really did fail her in season eight.

  22. I keep hearing people say that season eight ruined the show, which is very fair because of how incredibly awful it was. So I say that we make season eight a “canon fan fiction” cool?

  23. It wasn't bad as an idea for Daenerys to go mad since her father was the same and plus she did have many symptoms that could prove it that she'd end up the way she was on the second season. However, they could of handled it better without literally destroying the whole plot. And not just with Daenerys, with everything if they paid more attention and did NOT RUSH it.

  24. Very good character analysis. Very good video.
    Would love to see your take on the Night King.
    Still can get over how quickly he died.
    He was the main threat built all along seven seasons.

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