The British Action Academy runs several courses in high-octane stunt work. ‘Gun Rush’ is a popular course aimed at rising stunt performers who want to learn how to safely handle firearms for use in action sequences. We took the full-day course outside of Woking, west of London, to find out how firearms stunts are co-ordinated. 

Founder Andreas Petrides has been working in the industry for over 28 years. He has worked on “Gladiator”, four “James Bond” movies, “Band of Brothers” and “Star Wars” to name a few. As part of the course, Andreas runs through safety drills and shares his industry experience. Training is done with rifle, 8mm hand gun, Uzi and M4.

Movies use a range of weapons during filming. ‘Blanks’ are working weapons loaded with blank cartridges. These produce a big muzzle flash or a loud ‘bang.’ There are replica guns, or for less detailed dummy guns — ones made of rubber. Actors need to know how to adopt a convincing gun stance. Two of these examples are a Boxer stance and a Weaver stance. 

The prop guns themselves go hand in hand with sound design. When a gun fires, you’re hearing three acoustic elements. The muzzle blast sound, the impact point, and the ‘crack’ sound of the bullet traveling through the air.  Without this layering, a movie just doesn’t seem as realistic. 

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How Hollywood Makes Gunfights Look Realistic | Movies Insider


37 thoughts on “How Hollywood Makes Gunfights Look Realistic | Movies Insider

  1. What behind-the-scenes element do you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. Hollywood wants in the US to ban the most self-defense weapon purchase, in contrast Hollywood produces the most violent action movies in the world
    It is incomprehensible the train of thought

    Today the disarmed accessory weapons are out of date in the US movie industry, Weapons which fired blank cartridges replaced by rubber or plastic toy guns, and the muzzle fire or the injuries and explosions is enchanted made by computer programs

  3. The one thing I’m aware. Is that the heat using blanks. That it was so loud they had to switch to editing it. Because it get to real for the studio. From what I saw on the interview

  4. 4:36 That wasn't a mistake. Doc wasn't wearing a pullet proof vest in that timeline.

  5. Hollywood does not make gunfights look realistic. A realistic gunfight, is 3 or 4 people pulling on each other at 10 feet and everyone firing their gun empty over their shoulder as they run away.

  6. This is so much cringe at least teach them how to properly hold a firearm it’s really not that hard

  7. You dont get much flash with most calibers when you are not using blanks all I see in movies are recoiless flamethrowers that seem to isntantly drop the guy in death silent frozen pose .In real life you dont see much flash unless you are running lets say shorter barrel with rifle caliber and a nice muzzle brake .Use actual guns without blanks on a range or something then use your editing skills .
    About a gunshot victim the scene is messy gruesome blood stomach fluids running around and agony contorting bodies etc .Unless you get a very nice center mass shot with a rifle or a direct headshot the scene that should be portrayed must include an agonizing guy roling around for few minutes .

  8. Hollywood: this is realistic.

    Me an intellectual who's seen live leak videos of people actually getting shot and it looking nothing like in the movies: ha ha

  9. People dont die instantly when shot on the stomach or torso. To die and not move, it has to be in the head

  10. When they drop dead after getting shot and just die right after lol. People have been shot in the lung and lived for hours after words moaning in pain . even run several feet

  11. "In the old days, people used to actually get shot"
    I can just imagine a 100 something year old movie actor grandpa telling their grandson:
    "Son, I have something to tell you, I wasn't a soldier, I didn't get every medal possible in the army, I was a movie actor, and back in my time, we didn't have your fancy pants dummies and your fancy pants ….compooter generated images, we used to actually get shot"

  12. What if one of the fake guns that someone was practising shooting somebody with was replaced with a real loaded gun..

  13. Hollywood guns has no recoil
    The guns I shoot has a recoil where the barrel goes at a 27 degree angle

  14. Step one: dont reload

    Step two: dont so recoil

    Step three: make the deaths more realistic than the actual gun

  15. I saw somebody shot, i ddnt saw any jerking movement, i only saw bullet hole in the face then he fell

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