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How Hollywood Sold Out to China – A culture of acquiescing to Beijing’s censors is now the norm, and there’s little sign of it changing.

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48 thoughts on “How Hollywood Sold Out to China – A culture of acquiescing to Beijing’s censors is now the norm, and there’s little sign of it changing.

  1. They really really like money, and there’s literally billions of dollars to be had from Chinese audiences. Big surprise they don’t want to leave that money on the table.

  2. The chilling part is that they’re not just censoring what goes in to China, but what American and other audiences see as well.

  3. I believe this is short term. China is making changes in its laws to eliminate celebrity culture. It’s already clamping down on music and tv and it will soon clamp down on foreign movies to the point almost none are shown. Once that happens Hollywood has no incentive to change their movies to appease China if the movies will never be shown in China

  4. I remember when Martin Scorsese’s Kundun concerning Tibet came out in ’97 -it was financed in part by Disney. China threatened to stop the sales of all Disney films, toys, etc. domestically. That put real chill on things at the time – I’m sure that hasn’t been forgotten. Remember the Bruce Lee fiasco in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? I know that held up release of the film in China at least for a time. These days if it affects ticket sales in China, forgetaboutit – it’s a huge part of any film’s revenue.

  5. You guys all hate how Hollywood sold out to China, but a majority of you love Disney. The irony.

  6. That’s why I won’t go and pay to see these films. Time to cancel these movies, actors, production companies for supporting evil for money.

  7. For what it’s worth they’ve been catering to American censors since the start of Hollywood so what’s the difference?
    Plus now The MPAA tells you what to cut to get a pg13 rating from your r rated movie

  8. Russian trolls, Russian morals,oligarchs in control, Chinese trolls, Chinese morals, oligarchs in control, I remember when I lived in fucking America

  9. China has around four times as many people as the US, so Hollywood are happy to lick the boot for all that potential money.

  10. >Hollywood’s admittance into China might have appeared to be an opportunity for America to promote Western ideals in an authoritarian country. However, according to Wendy Su, an associate professor of media and cultural studies at UC Riverside and the author of China’s Encounter With Global Hollywood, Hollywood only ever had one, all-encompassing objective: “the vast Chinese market and the potential for greater profits,” she wrote over email.

    I hate to break this to you Prof. Su, but the potential for greater profits is what defines “Western ideals”

  11. We’ve reached the point where people are prioritizing money over their own country. This is why we need to take corporations down a couple hundred million steps

  12. And now that China is limiting foreign movies again, suddenly the plot doesn’t need a detour in a Chinese city or a Chinese character that’s always an expert of some obscure discipline with only 3 lines of dialogue.

  13. They blame it on China but they know that so much of this bullshit falls in line with conservatives as well.

  14. So what is the problem? They pay money, so Hollywood make or bend their products to fit customers needs. Isn’t it the way of US, capitalism?

    I never seen Hollywood produced russian hero movie anyway.

  15. It’s probably deeper than that honestly. They manipulate things through their movies. For instance their history. And most people aren’t thinking about it they’ll just accept it as truth.

  16. A culture of making profits has always been the norm. That’s how the US oeprates, that’s how Hollywood operated. Before, it was by appealing to US audiences to make the most money. Now it’s by appealing to the Chinese market. In the future, it will be appealing for the next economic powerhouse. Money talks.

    I guess the US isn’t comfortable not being the center of attention anymore. Does it feel so terrible not be catered to?

    I mean the US, with its prudish sensibilities, censor lots of foreign films too. Can’t show nudity, can’t swear too much, etc. It’s all the same.

  17. They’ll probably just copy American storylines anyway and then ban our films completely once they have enough stolen movie ideas.

  18. Remember the controversy over that French film Cuties when it aired in the US? It can be difficult to separate cultural preferences from political preferences.

    Despite official censoring of Chloe Zhao there are still plenty of discussions about her work on Chinese social media. I’m sure those that want to see Eternals will find a way though Disney must be unhappy to lose that revenue due to things outside of their control.

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