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23 thoughts on “How Hollywood stereotyped the Native Americans

  1. I remember rooting against the lndians in the movies as a child till my 5th grade teacher set me straight.

  2. Im a black man… Welcome to our world my Native American Brothers…. to me it seems like the white race doesn't like no other race and always stereotyping us as being bad and Evil

  3. I was jumped in basic training by a bunch of whites. Because of these old shitty movies. I beat the shit out of them five if them I could've killed them. Movies are BULLSHIT.

  4. This is why so many of my people are ashamed of who we are!! What other race had been made to be?

  5. My Turkish husband doesn't believe any stories about native americans kidnapping white women and children. I moved to Turkey several years ago and learned about many lies concerning american history, so I would believe a Turk over american propaganda any day. My question is this: Just how true/false are those kidnapping stories anyway? Was that also a big fat lie? (I have not met even a single Turk who believes that the U.S. government actually went to the moon and neither do I).

  6. Please excuse the grammatical errors in my comment. It had to do with pressing the wrong button of which I have no idea how to rectify. Not important but still, I am an educated person, just not computer savvy as I probably need to be. Ta!

  7. My goodness, what a genetic gene pool of stunning beauty, both males & females. I sure am wrapped that I have historical genealogical links. Ko ahau noo te whenua o Aotearoa. He Maaori au, te taangata tuuturu o te whenua teenei. Kei orite ki a koutou te huarahi moo te hiitori i a maatou katoa. I get you completely. I understand you totally. I feel your pain as it is the heartache of my people also. The struggle of existing in a world that is so backward to my own knowing. We are not alone. Our families in Australia are so ill treated that there are times where I cannot bare to know their plight as it is so unjust, the pain reverberates throughout my whole being but without some kind of self control, it can take me to a
    dark place of absolute hatred toward the oppressors.wi opp

  8. White Americans are the true monsters. Native Americans just acted as a territorial tribes, all they want is to protect their land from paleface monsters.

  9. If they only knew that we are the Lost trube of ISRAEL.
    Oh wait .. They knew , and hid it from us.

  10. Y'all ever heard of the "spread eagle" method of torture? How about burning prisoners until their skin curled at the touch? Sounds pretty freakin' primitive to me.

  11. Me being a black man growing up in America I can truly relate to these stereotypical lies, that were and in many cases still is ingrained into our society consciousness. That's why we have to make our own movies, so that we can tell our own stories with more accurate research, and more accurate portrayal of y'alls people as well as ours.

  12. I dont even like you all talk good or bad im not impressed plus you dont know you butt from a hole in the ground.

  13. This is why I sobbed watching westworld season 2 episode 8. It was the first time I felt represented in Hollywood. I grew up watching old westerns with my dad… it was HIS only representation in Hollywood. He isn’t alive anymore but if I could cut off a limb just so he could come back and watch westworld with me (even if it was just that episode) I would do it.

  14. And then once people realized the errors of this way of thinking, they went too far the other direction, and traded in the image of the bloodthirsty savage for the image of the noble savage.


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