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  1. um after you saying they quadrupled the budget of 19 million, you listed 2 numbers, neither of which were near 4x 19 million

  2. Scary Movie should never have been a franchise. The first one was amazing & is up there with Naked Gun & Airplane in my opinion, not one of its sequels were on par with the original film

  3. Anything after Scary Movie 2, was absolute garbage. It was obvious who made the first two, and who tried on all the others. To this day, i havent even seen anything in full past Scary Movie 2, because of how garbage the clips just looked. Only way this franchise could make a comback… Is if the Wayans made it.

  4. Scary movie lost its charm when the Wayans Brothers were excluded anytime you remove someone from their body of work the quality will take a downfall, Same thing happened with Boondocks 4th season in Aaron Mcgruder the creator of the show and comic strip was ommited from being involved with the 4th season that's why the fourth season was so horrible

  5. Ironic this video came on my suggested, I just heard a white person say SM 3+4 were better then 1+2 yesterday. I wanted to land the meanest open palm smack.

  6. I missed the scary movie franchise it was hood ol times they make me crack up

  7. The first two were the best I think the second was my fav.. three wasn’t so bad ..I’ve seen the fourth so many times we had it on dvd

  8. You can't say Hollywood stole scary movie you sold the rights to it in the first contract then priced yourself out of the sequels. Dont hate the players hate the game

  9. I hate how no one ever mentions their serious roles, just look at marlon in requiem for a dream.

  10. The 1st one was gold, the 2nd one was okay but anything after that… no Wayans, not funny!

  11. I love how Marlon spoke his truth! The Wayan’s name will always reign supreme. ✊🏾

  12. I honestly want white chicks 2 but people would probably get offended by it anyway

  13. Script suffered? Scary movie 2 was solid. Scary movie 3 was good except for about 2 scenes. The whole Signs/8 mile storyline was great

  14. I bought "Scary Movie 3" on DVD in 2004. I made it 15 minutes, turned it off, and took the DVD back for a refund. I haven't watched any of the movies since.

  15. People do know they didnt invent spoof movies right nobody stole anything lol

  16. That's why after Scary Movie 2 it went downhill. They STOLE the franchise away from the Wayans Brothers and GIVE it to the other creative team. SMH that's fuck up what they did to them. They should've let the Wayans STAYS in the franchise & when the brothers ORIGINALLY created the franchise. And I don't BLAME them for NOT returning to Scary Movie 5. Because what Hollywood did to the Wayans Brothers on the franchise was so fuck up. So y'all the reason why Scary Movie 3, 4 & ESPECIALLY 5 sucks, because HOLLYWOOD fuck the franchise up by TAKING the franchise AWAY from the Wayans FAMILY and keep CHANGING creative team. So fucking Pissed and sad!!!!😡😡😡😡

  17. My god u have sooooo much to choose from to watch..and every video u chose to make is what we all want to see and know about.. I'm lit going through every video one by one to watch..usually I'll skip over a person video, like ard I'll watch thus one or no I don't want yo see this one. But urs Im interested in every single one..congrats on all u do. I can't wait for ur next one..

  18. Papa Wayans had a super Black Queen by his side. She birthed the whole tribe and managed everything with the support and protection of her Black King. We have to get back to the basic fundamentals of family. Black Royalty is more about love and support more than millions in the bank. Though millions help. Lol.. Their investments and sacrifices paid off later through their children.

  19. As much as 3 and onward sucked Leslie Nielsen did his best to do the heavy lifting.

  20. Sorry, although they're good at it, the Wayans family did not start a whole new genre of film. Spoofs & parodies had been around for decades before.

  21. I remembered back during the height of Scary Movie, Indonesia ripped off the idea and they're just bad because they didn't get what makes a Scary Movie, a Scary Movie. XD

  22. Lots of white hate in the comment section, seems to be a lot of racist black people this channel attracts or maybe just the video matter, Wayans (black) vs Hollywood (white) that black racists turn it into.

  23. Top Movies staring a Wayan
    1. Don’t be a Menace…
    2. Blankman
    3. Great White Hype
    4. Scary movie
    5. White Chicks
    6 Mo Money
    7. Scary movie 2
    8. I’m gona Git you sucka
    9. Dance flick
    10. Haunted house

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