Coronavirus is already impacting movie releases like Disney’s Mulan, or A Quiet Place 2. But it could have an even longer-reaching effect on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Sony’s Venom/Morbius films and Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise.

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37 thoughts on “How Hollywood's Coronavirus shutdown will affect movies for years

  1. Honestly speaking, I am really glad about the current state of movie industry

  2. Hollywood can go take a hike. Can they please just not come back, pretty please!!

  3. Bring back Drive-in Movies: Cars parked further apart. Pay On-line for tickets. Scan smart phone ticket for automated entry. Bring in your own snacks, audio over your smart phone but the only hurdle is some would need the bathrooms.

  4. 🚫 Asian 🚫 favoritism 🚫 Asian 🚫 to🚫 American 🚫 government 🚫 favoritism 🚫

  5. Not to mention the billion dollar loan debts the studios are involving themselves in anticipating future audiences flocking to cinemas once they reopen.

  6. Well these Celebrities wanted the economy to go into a recession . Bill Maher opened lobbied for it , along with many others of the Elite in Hollywood . There is a Old saying , CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR !!! Maybe with Hell-O-Wood shutting down there is a silver-lining !

  7. Hope corona destroys Hollywood. They haven't cared about making money pushing these trash woke agenda based movies and remakes!!! Went woke, so go broke

  8. who cares ! People and kids should start doing things other than watch movies. Like play outside!

  9. Within three weeks from this is written, Universal studios will make the first box office premiere directly on stream. Price will be 19.95USD for a studio fresh premiere watch. F9 – fast saga will be the one that makes most studios do the same.

  10. im actually so glad thats the case, then people will spend time not just watching new stuff, they will go back and watch old movies and play through their games.

  11. COVID-19 might actually kill movie theaters forcing studios to just release their new movies on demand and on streaming sooner.

  12. no 20+ superhero movies a year and WOKE movies … ohhh what a shame!. Also i think someone got lasic surgery recently (Techno Buffalo RIP)

  13. She thinks I’m going to actually spend movie and buy tickets, I’m going to watch it all on 123 movies

  14. Not an MCU and Disney fan. I welcome less CGI mediocrity and welcome better storytelling with practical effects instead.

  15. Let’s see…Delay of boring remakes, CGIs, and vapid social justice movies versus Life or Death? Hmmmm. I think I’ll focus on the latter.

  16. Movies straight to digital is the future. Has worked before. Theaters are history

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