In today’s vlog we head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to try the 30th Anniversary treats! These treats are all limited time offered and were released on May 1st, we visited the park on May 9th, so we were curious to see how many if any were still available. There were 10 snacks listed in the Disney Parks Blog but we were only able to find 5 to try. So be sure to try these as soon as they announce them if you can on future trips to the park. We hope you enjoyed this Disney treat scavenger hunt! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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50 thoughts on “How Limited Are The Limited Time Snacks At Disney's Hollywood Studios Really?

  1. @thetimtracker …was the word you were trying to find for the 3 milk and strawberry desert a “film” inside your not in after you bit into it?

  2. It is supposed to be a slice and if you get it in a slice form it is one of the best Mexican desserts and it’s a mixture of normal milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk.

  3. Fun fact drinking chocolate milk after strenuous activity helps you recover faster then popular sports drink. Helps the muscles and body recover quicker. I didn’t believe it at first until I checked into it. I also agree with you Tim I wouldn’t want a big heavy glass of milk desert walking around on a hot day. Although I don’t think I could pass up a big glass of cold milk on a warm day. Especially if it’s banana or strawberry flavored. Root beer is also awesome, but only had it at the state fair in Wisconsin when I lived there. They had so many different flavors. I would sit in that barn all day sampling flavors lol

  4. I love this type of vlog, seeing what’s new at each park, eating snacks, challenging yourself to eat 10 new snacks in one day, lol. Just all fun stuff!!! 😊

  5. He protecc
    He attacc

    But most importantly

    He can taste test some snacc

  6. I love to watch your vidoes, but what does it mean at the end… now it's time to pay the price. ?

  7. I came back today from Orlando and I have been there for two weeks 🌴 my boyfriend and I have tried to look for you but no chance 😛 The parks were so busy 🙁

  8. Caught a glimpse of myself walking by you at the Starbucks 🤣 love your videos!

  9. You could have gotten 0 of the treats and still been entertaining to watch. Thanks for everything you do for us

  10. Anyone else get excited when It's Been A Long, Long Time started playing in the background??

    Endgame has me all kinds of broken :')

  11. Thanks for doing the leg work so we know what to grab in our next trip! Takes the guesswork right out of it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  12. Dang! We missed you by 1 day. Love you guys! Keep up the great videos and maybe catch you next time we are in Florida.

  13. You guys are so fit for getting to eat all these delicious foods! Cheers Trackers! Congratulations on baby Tracker! 😉

  14. The amount of people who walked by and looked at your camera while you were explaining the Minnie Cupcake is insane haha

  15. eww…that is not tres leches…It should be the same consistency as if you gently dunked your spoonful of cake into a class of milk. You are brave!

  16. Just read a Verrine is a container not the name of a dish. It is used to hold and shape solid or liquid food, to keep its tall shape for the desserts you had. Thought that was interesting, I'm learning a lot lol

  17. Verrine – is a small, thick-walled glass container with no base, whose purpose is to hold a solid or liquid dish …LOL totally googled that. Hilarious. Just to sound fancy vs saying cup. Only Disney. They look so tasty thou!

  18. That strawberrry cupcake has an actual marshmellow on top. That's the reason it was chewey.

  19. My mom almost got the cupcake. But then she told herself not until I move in with her.

  20. Yeah the song at 3:05 is the song at the end of Endgame (It’s Been a Long Long Time by Harry James) when (blank) and (blank) are dancing. That’s why it may sound so familiar to you all.

  21. I can't wait to see the new mini tracker with you guys at the parks! I'm so excited for you I just had a baby myself so it will be nice to see the options when bringing a youngster to the park

  22. I often think "limited time" is a misnomer. That lemon cheesecake looks delicious 😋

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