You’ve made the perfect focaccia dough, now it’s time to get kneading. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry share their tips, including why olive oil is better than a floured surface for your loaf.

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19 thoughts on “How to knead focaccia bread with Paul Hollywood Pt 2 | The Great British Bake Off

  1. A great tip I saw somewhere else, spray your cello wrap with spray oil, the dough won't stick once it's risen.

  2. Paul Hollywood goes way overboard to make everything he bakes seem unbelievably difficult, as though he's the only one around who can complete the baking task correctly. Please give me a break, it's not "rocket science". Lots of bakers, as well as amateur bakers can bake very successfully. They just don't throw so much "hot air" while baking.

  3. Sorry but I used the exact same ingredients, proportions, followed the instructions and my dough wouldn't solidify any more than a porridge consistency.

  4. I never seen someone use this method before(too much oil tbh). You need to prove it atleast an hour and then you can dimple the bread afterwards so that it'll bake evenly.

  5. "Lets it rise at room temperature"

    Puts it in direct sunlight to rise. 🌞 🍞

  6. Can someone help me I followed the recipe like Paul but when it got to kneading it just stayed as gloopy mess and wouldnt form a dough like his what am in doing wrong?

  7. would the recipe change if I would to use the sourdough starter instead of the yeast Paul used? thanks

  8. am i the only one who thinks that paul looks like guy fieri… or are they the same person? i don't know

  9. Kneading wet dough isn't hard. Use the French method which is also the slap-and-fold method.

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