“Green Book” just won the Oscar for Best Picture, but it’s been described as a “white savior” movie, a movie that features a white character saving people of color from situations they couldn’t save themselves from. These films tend to further negative stereotypes about people of color, removing their agency in acting for themselves. White savior films also often reinforce the idea that racism is largely gone today.

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How White Savior Movies Hurt Hollywood


44 thoughts on “How White Savior Movies Hurt Hollywood

  1. A white saviour character is a requirement, otherwise the white audience would not go pay for the movie. Every white person still thinks they aren't racist, the other white people are.

  2. there are 2 types of movies one where there is the white savior trying to save the poor minorities or the ones where you have the white man as the main hero and the minority as the villains

  3. when i was little, i befriended kids of all colors and never noticed, just like people with different colored hair, it was no big deal but it wasnt until i saw movies or heard adults that race and skin color became a thing and how blacks and whites are different and such and all these issues and the i began to believe stereotypes becuase of others influencing me but when i was little, we were all the same. but now imjust wanna stick to my own race

  4. If these films are so bad why are people not burning down Hollywood and protesting in front of stars and directors homes

  5. lets segregate the movies all together… you can make black victim movies and we will make our movies like " The Brittanee Drexel" Story

  6. I remember getting to the scene in Hidden Figures where Kevin Costner discovers that racism exists and immediately runs to the segregated bathrooms to tear down the signs and just thinking “come ON”. Without even knowing the real story it was so obvious that didn’t happen

  7. And don't forget more 'metaphoricall' white saviour movies like Avatar or Dances with Wolves…

  8. Maybe I’m wrong for saying this but I’m only saying this because there is not really any good movies or tv shows made nowadays but Making a focus on race or gender identity politics hurts the entertainment business my view is if it naturally fits into a story it works, if you force it in with no purpose whatsoever then the story is practically destroyed due to a pointless change that doesn’t fit. When I see a protagonist I want to be them not because of the race or gender identity, it’s because they have that charisma or tough mentality that all of us want to have. There are so many times I wanted to be like Will Smith because he’s that awesome in his roles, there are times I wanted to be Linda Hamilton from Terminator, there were times I Actually like the characters because of the particular personality. Whenever I see movies like Star Wars sequels I’m pissed because they had something going until the made too many pointless changes that killed the story and characters that made me hype for it. PS in the sequels I think Finn was probably the best character because I could relate to his character on a personal level, Rey had something but it got lost however I did also like Kyle Ren.

  9. 2:37 no it’s not it’s about his driver and his relationship with the guy he’s driving.

    Stop making shit up your just as bad as hidden figures.

  10. Bro, Django! I'm like 20 seconds in and I just realised why I didn't like django

  11. The white saviour is linked to the need for a happy ending and for some kind of magical positive transformation in all movies. Real life is that circumstances does not change a person for the better and people don’t stay together forever. If Movies and TV shows are about escaping real life, then they should have a diverse cast to authentically serve that idea. The problem is the person who has the power to control the narrative chooses to keep it real in some parts and escape reality in some other parts to suit their needs.

  12. I dont know if Gran Torino is a good example of a white savior film. Because the idea that an old white guy learns not to be bigoted towards his new immigrant neighbors is pretty much the point of the movie.
    Walt Kowalski is the main character in the movie.

  13. It's a shame that this channel has over 5 million subscribers and only 97 thousand bothered to watch it. I guess some people just don't want the truth

  14. These movies are NOT FOR YOU… Have you seen the guys who VOTE for the movies to get prizes like Oscars???


  15. Eddie Murphy: Beverley Hills Cop, Trading Places, Coming to America.

    Jackie Chan: Pretty much every Hollywood movie he's done.

    The plot themes are about an outsider who against the odds, prevails with wisdom where others doubted.

    It's nothing to do with race. But the cultural Marxist must find 'problematic issues' everywhere and always…..

  16. Is Exodus: Gods and Kings a white savior movie? Moses is white, can white people save other white people?

  17. I think our problem as Black folks is we want the white people to understand but there's no way that you can convince someone something that they don't want to see. Notice how most of their opinions in the political which is the number one thing that keeps us separated. Evolution will not take place as long as we purposely used tools of separation the only way to evolve is to collaborate even if you don't like each other… so keep labeling people on the left, right, libtards,and Republicans etc…you all look like children on the playground pointing fingers at each other. Hell look at the elections for the past few president terms that should let you know your vote doesn't mean shit but you still fight over his pointless crap

  18. But it begs the question: Why do blacks insist on living in white countries when they don't want white saviors? Why not just live in a black country?

  19. "Glory" to me does not seem to be a true white savior film as suggested. It did cover the white commander, Robert Gould Shaw, in some depth (it was the history of the creation and destruction of this regiment), but characters such as Sgt. Rawlins and Pvt. Trip have at least as much screen-time and contribute as much to the story (if not more) than the white officers. I find the sacrifices, hopes and hardships endured by the enlisted African-American soldiers to prove that they have as much right to fight for saving the union and freeing their brethren to be the main point of the film. There would not have been an all-black regiment without the white officers in 1863; that was the plain fact of the matter.

    Shaw was appointed commander of the 54th Regiment because the Governor of Massachusetts, John Andrew, was a committed abolitionist and Shaw's family were as well. He thought that young officers would work best with an all-black regiment. Shaw was just 25 years old and a veteran of 2 years of war when it formed in 1963. It was an all-volunteer regiment and consisted primarily northern free men of color with some former slaves as well (that is one of the few inaccuracies of the film which seemed to play up the runaway slave angle).

    The battles and a majority of the events are portrayed very closely to the true facts. The 54th were placed under the command of a colonel who let his troops loot Georgian homes and burn the town which Shaw found to be outrageous since it had no military value. He protested to get his unit transferred and was given an opportunity to participate in the siege of Fort Wagner in Charleston, South Carolina. He did lead them into the charge which took them to the parapet of the fortification but they were repulsed with great loss of life including Shaw's.

    So lumping this film into a white savior trope seems to be a bit incorrect to me.

  20. People hate to admit that it often takes a select group of people who are in the majority (white people/men) to assist the minority figures in changing laws or rules bc they have access to them already….. Civil rights for black Americans (just like women's voting rights) would not exist without the help of white men….. My fellow liberals, especially those that are extremists, push the idea that women or minorities in this country fought for freedom and won it by themselves….. White men are not the main point of the story (or white people in general) but you cannot attempt to tell history as if the oppressed people did all the work themselves…. That's crazy…. And its wrong….

  21. Speaking of "To Kill a Mockingbird," after the crappy, long suppressed novel "Go Set a Watchman" was released by shameless money-grubbers, I'm left wondering who actually wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird." My guess is that it was cobbled together by a canny editor from scraps of Harper Lee's morally ambiguous maundering.

  22. I thought all the furor about "Green Book" last year was a bit over the top. It's an OK movie, although it is admittedly the sort of tiresome, patronizing "Atticus Finch" pablum white liberals seemingly can't get enough of. And the rapid metamorphosis of a person so racist they threw away glasses that had been used by black plumbers to a empathetic savior of a tortured (and homosexual) black soul was well beyond "implausible."

  23. Green book isn’t a white savior movie cause most whites don’t act like italian Americans do as who the character tony is itlans are white but they are cultured and not seen as full white bye most Americans

  24. These are just a few examples I see comments minimizing the issue by skewing one or two movies narratives when it doesn't matter if that individual movie was or was not a white savior movie most Hollywood movies are and the list is long. The point goes to the heart of how Amarica is diverse yet caters to the majority who claim they have no privlede nor benefit from the action's of those before them. These movies only serve to let us know and remind us who's in power and that we should believe we are nothing without them to save us, I just finished a movie called Revolt where a white man ends up in Africa and is the only one capable of saving everyone just another movie for the list.

  25. Christ, what a clusterfuck of a video. It's almost as if it's trying to lie about the movies it's talking about on purpose.

  26. This is why prefer white conservative(non racist ones) and lefty whites. The white liberals have always fancied himself as a savior.

  27. How can I find out your name? I'm writing an essay about the white savior trope and its affects on POC history and current white mindsets of racism and I can't credit this source without a name. Well, preferably.

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