Got To say, I never thought hollywood actors would be following the Suzy Lu Saga but what am amazing weird wild world we live in. 🙂 Thanks So Much Ridge!

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39 thoughts on “Huge Suzy Lu NEWS & Which Hollywood Beauty Is Following The Story?

  1. Just found out i was blocked by Suzy Lu on Twitter. The kicker is i have never interacted with her LOL.

  2. Im fucking getting fed up of seeing all these vids about her that seem like they're going fucking no where….Is the bitch getting sued?…yes or no?….cos in all honesty it seems like everybody on youtube is just building up her popularity making so many damn vides about her which just seem like rants….she's gotten more publicity than ever just from all these other youtubers makin soo many damn vids about her…Stop making her more relevant man…unless she's getting sued or taken down…don't fuckin bother…cos now at this stage its starting to make the people in the right look real sad…like loser sad.

  3. Steejo talks like an abused spouse. I wonder if Suzy beats him when he doesn’t gaslight people enough to her liking?

  4. This is just a very small tidbit i'm picking out of the many comments here but… Why is Steejo so against McDonalds? "Do you think working at McDonalds is anyones dream job?" No, probably not, but how many gets to make their living on their dream job? Most people get by on a livable wage doing work that range from a little shitty to fairly tolerable. The amount of people in the world that LOVES their job is statistically a small one. I'd bet you if you asked any random person you met what they think about their current job, the answer would be "'s ok" or something along those lines. And that's OK! Striving for a dream job is admirable, but also realistically a bad bet. There's no shame in settling for mediocrity in work if it allows you a comfortable life.
    And as far as McD being a decent job? I know 4 people, personally, that started to work at McD from the time they were allowed to work, going on to live very successful lives and reach higher education, based on the wages and experiences that McD offered them. I've never worked at any fast food place myself, but I think anyone should respect the hustle. And the quality of the work environment at these restaurants probably varies greatly depending on the country you're in.

  5. What if Brie Larson is following this? Maybe Jeremy and Brie will finally meet each other! It's the crossover that fans have been waiting for!

  6. getting big on the belly? welp ive been dealt a uno reverse card then becose ive gotten in more shape :/

  7. This video is kind of a reach. Celebrities are normal people who also follow youtubers. Not defending suzy or Lindsey. But eh. Reaching

  8. Lol I love the Suzy lu who stuff. Can’t wait til she had a meltdown and gets sued up the ass

  9. And big ass fore head suzy and her toxic fans have to keep the drama going. Shoot give it time Becky boop fans. And screw with say get some plastic surgery to get that forehead to fit on screen. Oh suzy your getting more and more toxic hopefully when Suzy falls from grace and loses everything she not too uppity to work at McDonald's.

  10. There’s something I’m wondering Jeremy,I saw a comment from a past video you made. One person mentioned another YouTube like site called Bitchute, now I went there myself and signed up as well, have you tried making one? And just tell your subs to follow there, Dude they need people to fill in, we need to fill up Bitchute to blow off YouTubers bias censorship. It’s like becoming the next Pewdiepie. And yeah ok Suzy Lu is a bitch.

  11. "Don't argue with an idiot. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience." – Phantom Forces

  12. I'm sorry everything is about cause your making it about her lol so I think at this point she right…it boring now and you and every1 else is kind a obsessed and it's kinda sad yall gotta use her this long for content.was funny at 1st but now it's kinda pathetic

  13. Wait I'm a little confused so if someone can explain i would be delighted the email Suzy lu leaked from 2 years ago said it was from yesterday so that would mean should would of had to taken that screenshot all the way back in 2018 but that wouldn't make sense to as it was just a person trying to get along with another so why take a screenshot all the way back then again correct my dumbness if I'm wrong

  14. Its so weird to think that Hollywood Celebs have YouTubers they watch and follow regularly.

  15. When are You going to start making videos about things other than other YouTubers again ?

  16. Yeah the chick is a hardcore narcissist. When she says 'you don't apologize to your harasser, do you?' That right there is narcissistic projection, meaning that's how SHE deals with people who are rude to her, by ABUSING them. And no, of course that's not how things work for most people, someone says you've wronged them or you're angry with them, of course you try to apologize to smooth things over.

  17. It makes me sad to see Becky boop get hated on like that. She is very beautiful. Suzy is just a disgusting horrible person.

  18. I thought Steejo was a lawyer? He mentioned Business Degree at 14:48, can someone correct me if I missed something here?

  19. Suzy Lu vs the world-
    Spoiler warning: she's losing 🤷🏿‍♂️
    ngl I'm actually loving the coverage of her stupid ass. Karma is coming lol

  20. They like to look down on people. they feel they are better people because of it

  21. Does anyone knows Tv Tokyo emails? I been trying to contact them regarding Suzy Lu

  22. MacDonalds and Walmart are not meant tobe a career… reality disagrees, unfortunately. Well… not exactly a career, more a dead end, that you can't escape for a better future.

  23. Wait wasn't lindasy Lohan the one who wanted to sue Rockstar because of the blonde chick with the peace sign? Or was that some other actress?

  24. Wild Theory… Youtube is actively trying to strech this out, because it means clicks. If there wasn't so much ad-revenue involved, they would have canned her channel for good, already.

  25. Lindsay Lohan lol she hasn’t been a Hollywood beauty for at least a decade lol

  26. The issue of low wage workers and the exploitation of their labour by corporations big enough to pay them decently is a larger discussion over policy, and oligopolies, and how the nature of work has changed over the decades, and if these 2 fucking morons aren't interested in delving into those issues to speak intelligently on them rather than regurgitating the same talking points that make them useful idiots for those giant corporations, then they should shut their fucking mouths.

  27. If you all saw i havent seen so many HUGE drama channels cover this (keemstar etc) this is sparking a rumour, i feel like she blackmailed keemstar,(keem DID get blackmaile but not about this) i saw one video from keem, one video for muta (someordinarygamers) etc, this us weird ive only seen people under 1m subs cover this, im not saying i dont like the fact that only small youtubers are covering, i am happy that this is realised at like ive seen one video by many big youtubers (cr1tikal, keemstar, someordinarygamers etc) only one video, its just not THAT trendy OR they're trying to keep their channels alive or theyre just being threatened (which is probably not true)

  28. no matter if you get chunkier or not, you are a very handsome beard guy 😍🐻

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