Human extinction! Woke Hollywood Celebrities go full Greta Thunberg and push the most insane cringe nonsense possible for their own agenda with a demand for radical transformation of the world!


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36 thoughts on “Human Extinction! Hollywood Celebrities Go Full Greta Thunberg & Demand RADICAL Transformation!

  1. The radical transformation is that Hollywood is about to collapse under its own hypocrisy and stupidity, GOOD RIDDANCE!:)

  2. There is gonna be a extinction, celebrities and Hollywood is what it is.

  3. I guess pretending to be someone for a living makes you an all-knowing genius.

  4. Here's your radical transformation: You only make $100k per movie, sell your private planes to fund homelessness, and we only pay $2.99 to see a movie.

  5. They demand? What are they going to do if their demands aren't met, stop making crappy movies?

  6. The only normal acceptable to Hollywood doesn't have an A in it (NORML). Their real problem is dealing with the plebes, whom they scorn in telling everyone to do as they say and not as they do. Yet most of them came from nothing too. Malibu Marxists at their finest.

  7. Coronavirus is an act of the Devil. And it's showing the hypocrisy of radical leftists.

  8. A bunch of hypocritical Hollywood celebrities pushing for a socialist new world order. Good luck with that.

  9. Almost all scientists agree we're going through a mass extinction,
    Which the earth has had many times before, society without doubt needs a positive change.
    I've been Vegan over 10 years,
    Phoenix is a good man.

  10. The rich have already had private survival homes built in secure guarded properties.
    Go online and google elite survivor properties.

  11. Nothing will come of this. They're all just yelling at the wind again. It's funny to see.

  12. Hollywood celebrities are going to have a tough road when things reopen because American audiences now will be more picky of who they want to see. Hopefully this will bring a new group of celebrities that are actually good.

  13. These people want to change the world then they need to distribute thier wealth and actually practice what they preach or shut the f up

  14. "Hollywood is desperate for attention". My big brain tells me that someone else is too 😉

  15. I'm beginning to think this is all a troll – I mean the message itself, it means absolutely nothing and my comprehension of English is not that bad, its a bunch of meaningless words, because they literally are saying nothing specific, just PR drool. Save the world, save the world, save ……….. STFU !

  16. The absolute audacity of someone like Ralph Feinnes rallying for the end of capitalism and consumerism is mind boggling. He is the very epitome of the elite privileged class. His family made their fortune exploiting workers all through the 19th and 20th centuries. He is cousin to the Royal Family. These people already have their fortunes so they'll be alright, no worries. You and I? We'll just have to make due with the scraps our entitled champagne-socialist overlords toss us from their ivory towers.

  17. Just stay in your holes kids! Don't come back out when this is over. LOLZ!!!

  18. Hollywood elites are the biggest consumers. So they are part of the problem! But blame the people for it. 🙄

  19. They got it wrong. It is the mass extinction of Hollywood that is inevitable.

  20. They think that because they are the 1% in a Capitalist society, that they'll also be the 1% in a Communist society…..

  21. The whole lock down thing was to destroy the economy to stop the reelection of president Trump.

  22. This is so transparent: they just want to get attention and stay relevant.

  23. "Hollywood stars" – and scientists???!!! I wonder which ones? Probably mostly "economists" such as radical socialist Thomas Piketty and his like?

  24. I agree with them. let's bring back the guillotine and start with their heads:)

  25. Of course this wouldn't apply to them they will still want to live their lifestyle

  26. Uh uh, I don't buy it, it's a troll, a hoax, even celebrities are not THAT stupid… Or are they?

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